Intermediate Word:  troposphere -  (a) atmospheric layer just below the ionosphere  (b) lowest region of the atmosphere  (c) gridded sphere  (d) most influential political sphere within a society
Difficult Word: - tricoline    (a) guano-picrate-based explosive  (b) low boiling-point thiazo-hydrocarbon  (c) racing pennon  (d) sturdy worsted double-twilled fabric

The Strange Steep Slopes of Mars - Space.com   Left:  Medusa Fossae formation as seen by Mars Express   The cratered highlands stand 1.2-3.1 miles (2-5 kilometers) above the lowland plains, so the boundary is a relatively steep slope. The processes that created and modified the boundary remain a major unanswered issues in Mars science, say scientists with the European Space Agency, which released the Mars Express orbiter images last week. 
Mathematicians Promise Animation Revolution - Science Daily  Left: Animation image of water flowing down a stairway Watch prototype examples of CSIRO animations  Kevin Cryan of CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences says that current approaches to animating fluids like water, smoke, gases, lava and molten metals are based on relatively simplistic calculations and do not deliver anything like realistic motion. "Audiences are very good at assessing realism, so a poorly animated scene involving water or another fluid can reduce the overall impact of a production, causing the audience to be distracted from the story," says Mr Cryan.   

Avian Flu: A Threat Or Just For The Birds? - Science Daily  When it comes to public health issues, there is a razor-thin line between appropriate caution and overcompensatory alarm. Such is the case with avian influenza, more commonly known as bird flu. "The best thing to remember is that there are public health physicians, veterinarians, and other individuals out there that are keeping up with what is going on with the disease in other involved countries," explained Clark. "If there were to be a serious problem, the mechanism is in place to do something to handle it very quickly." Recent media articles, such as that in The New York Times magazine, have sounded alarms.  

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