Intermediate Word:  misogynist  (a) misfit  (b) plants that retain their catkins  (c) the female miso plant  (d) woman-hater
Difficult Word: - palatine  (a) hospitable  (b) dull silver color  (c) woman's fur cape and hood  (d) magistrate

Door Opens For Hypersonic Flight - SpaceDaily  More important than breaking the 1964 speed record, set by an SR-71 "Blackbird" spy plane, the test proved an engine can fly at speeds exceeding Mach 5, which is referred to as hypersonic, and still scoop air from the atmosphere, rather than having to carry an oxidizer aboard, as conventional rockets must do. The savings in weight means a dramatic increase in payload capacity and range. "The most efficient way to leave the atmosphere is to do so under air-breathing power" "Scramjets are the holy grail of aerodynamics."
NASA To Test Computer 'Mobile Agents' And Helper Robots - SpaceDaily  "We're putting all the parts together in a shake-down to look for glitches," said Bill Clancey, principal investigator for the mobile agent software project at NASA Ames. "During Apollo missions to the moon, astronauts continuously talked with mission control in Houston. But during our test, each person is carrying a laptop computer in a backpack. These computers include 'personal agent' software that can literally speak with the human 'explorers,'" Clancey explained. The astronaut speaks through a microphone to his or her personal agent software that relays commands to the robot's personal agent software.  

New Nanosensors A Body Can Live With - SpaceDaily  For two decades, chemists have been making great strides in analyzing the biological functions that drive living cells. But many biological substances still remain undetectable. That will soon change, thanks to a biological sensor being developed by University of Arizona chemists. Their new sensor platform has many capabilities that current ones lack. Current biological sensors have several other drawbacks. Imaging dyes and proteins, fiber optics sensors, and coated nano-sized beads can disrupt cellular processes. In addition, they sometimes break down chemically or can be toxic. 

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