Intermediate Word:  enteric -  (a) secretive  (b) innermost  (c) pertaining to the intestine  (d) fundamental to
Difficult Word: - palatine    (a) pertaining to precious metals  (b) luxurious  (c) official  (d) woman's fur cape and hood

Black holes 'do not exist'  - Nature  George Chapline thinks that the collapse of the massive stars, which was long believed to generate black holes, actually leads to the formation of stars that contain dark energy. "It's a near certainty that black holes don't exist," he claims. Einstein didn't believe in black holes, Chapline argues. "Unfortunately", he adds, "he couldn't articulate why." At the root of the problem is the other revolutionary theory of twentieth-century physics, which Einstein also helped to formulate: quantum mechanics. as long ago as 1975 quantum physicists argued that strange things do happen at an event horizon: matter governed by quantum laws becomes hypersensitive to slight disturbances. "The result was quickly forgotten," says Chapline, "because it didn't agree with the prediction of general relativity.
Charcoal fuel gets green light  - Nature  Left:  More efficient stoves could be the key to some of Africa's pollution and health woes.  A shift from burning wood to burning charcoal in African households could save millions of lives and substantially reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, say US researchers. If current trends in fuel use in sub-Saharan Africa continue, the number of premature deaths among women and young children exposed to wood smoke from stoves will reach nearly 10 million by 2030, from about 400,000 in 2000. What's more, cooking fires will pump 6.7 billion tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases in the next 45 years, the researchers calculate. A switch from burning wood to burning petroleum-based fossil fuels such as kerosene would reduce indoor air pollution by at least 90%, and prevent as many as 3.7 million deaths from respiratory illness, depending on how quickly the transition was made, the researchers report in this week's Science1. A more feasible solution with similar health and environmental benefits would be to shift from burning wood to burning charcoal

Ben Tristem pictured in a similar camper van home to the one being built

Internet entrepreneur orders 250,000 'wired' motorhome  - BBC  Online sales agent Ben Tristem, 28, has travelled the UK since selling his flat in London and moving into a camper van. But now he is upgrading to a 250,000 vehicle complete with computers, home cinema and solar panels. Since giving up the city rat race in November 2003, Mr Tristem, 28, has carved out a living as a businessman working via the internet.Since giving up the city rat race in November 2003, Mr Tristem, 28, has carved out a living as a businessman working via the internet. He and girlfriend, Lizzie Bury, have toured mainland Britain in a 50,000 motor home, while also building their business as retail agents.   

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