Intermediate Word:  munificent  (a) wealthy  (b) very generous  (c) gracious  (d) overbearing
Difficult Word: - muricate  (a) long-fanged  (b) surfaced with short spines  (c) to resurface a wall  (d) to paint a mural on a wall

Travel Segway Gliding Through Paris - ABC  Left:  James Sobierau, center, and his wife, left, from Chicago, their daughter, right, and Amie Drazen, second left, also from Chicago, stop on their Segway scooter at the Louvre museum in Paris, April 2, 2004.
   I had expected to visit tourist attractions during my vacation in Paris. It just had never occurred to me that I would be one. Yet there I was, being waved at and having my picture taken by other tourists in the City of Light as I rolled past the Eiffel Tower, crisscrossed the Seine and glided through the courtyards at the Louvre on a motorized Segway scooter. In Paris, they provide a very cool and oh-so-21st century way of seeing one of the premier historic capitals of Europe.
U.S. Takes First Step To Weaponize Space - SpaceDaily  Washington's Missile Defense Agency has earmarked $68 million for what some believe is the first step for putting weapons in space, ABC News reported Tuesday. Known as the Near Field Infrared Experiment or NFIRE satellite, it is primarily designed to gather data on exhaust plumes from rockets launched from earth. But, critics point out, the satellite will also contain a smaller "kill vehicle," a projectile that takes advantage of the kinetic energy of objects traveling through low-Earth orbit (which move at several times the speed of a bullet) to disable or destroy an oncoming missile or another orbiting satellite.

NASA Plans Nuclear Electric Mission To Jupiter - SpaceDaily  In the mid 1990s, the Galileo probe found evidence that oceans of liquid water lay beneath thick sheets of ice on Europa, Callisto and Ganymede -- three of the four largest moons orbiting Jupiter. NASA's current plan calls for the JiMo mission to be launched into high Earth orbit by a new version of today's Atlas or Delta space boosters. Once in orbit, JiMo then would unfold into a spacecraft more than 100 feet long. It would carry a new type of rocket motor and a powerful new nuclear reactor that would drive the probe's experiments and, in smaller versions, perhaps smaller, separate probes launched from the mothership. 

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