Intermediate Word:  debridement  (a) cleaning of a wound  (b) removal of the hymen  (c) filing off the rough edges  (d) stamping a passport
Difficult Word: - champaign  (a) cold bubbly  (b) mountain rampart  (c) smoking jacket  (d) a plain

Bevy of Black Holes Spotted in Andromeda - Space.com  Using a new technique astronomers have found 10 apparent black holes near the center of the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest large spiral galaxy to our own. The newfound black hole candidates -- there's a chance they might be neutron stars instead -- are of the stellar variety, meaning they are several times the mass of the Sun and are the collapsed remains of dead stars. 
Less rain in a warmer world  - Nature  Most researchers say a warmer world will be a wetter one. But a new study into the effects of pollution hints that we could be in for a dry spell. But some aspects of climate change could have the opposite effect, says Beate Liepert of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in New York. "We cannot simply say that fossil-fuel burning leads to global warming and more precipitation," she says. Even if the world gets moister, that doesn't necessarily mean more rain, she and her colleagues report in Geophysical Research Letters1. Liepert and colleagues ran computer simulations of the global climate to see what the overall effect of present-day aerosol concentrations will be in a world warmed by greenhouse gases. The end result is that many land areas get less rain - and less sunshine.

Huge waves on Titan move slowly  - BBC  Scientists have issued a weather forecast for the oily oceans of Titan, Saturn's major moon and a target for a space probe landing next year. Waves would be seven times higher than Earth waves but would move more slowly and be much farther apart, they think. In January 2005, we may find out if this is correct when the Huygens probe attempts a splashdown on Titan. Huygens will parachute down through the smoggy atmosphere of Titan, but astronomers are unsure of what it will find. It may come down into an ocean of hydrocarbons or on to a frozen sheet of ice.

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