Intermediate Word:  dryad -  (a) aquatic nymph  (b) samovar  (c) wood nymph  (d) large, winged insect
Difficult Word: - empressement    (a) involuntary recruitment of sailors  (b) offensive cordiality  (c) pressing, as of flowers  (d) narrow defile

NASA Details Cash Prizes for Space Privatization - Space.com  In the $50,000 2005 Tether Challenge, teams will compete to make the strongest tether of a specified diameter. Tethers will be stretched until they break, and winners will advance in a March Madness-like bracket system. The 2005 Beam Power Challenge will give $50,000 to the team that can use wireless technology to lift a weight off the ground. Both prizes will be repeated in 2006 with a $150,000 purse for each    
Warming Up To A Martian Carcass - SpaceDaily   The detection of methane on Mars has generated a lot of speculation about what could possibly be producing it. Maybe the methane results from some geologic or chemical process we don't yet understand. Or, since much of the methane on Earth is produced by biology, perhaps the faint whiffs of methane point to the existence of present-day life on Mars. Dorothy Oehler, of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, says there is another source worth considering. She suggests that some methane could come from the remains of past life on Mars - namely, from the thermal alteration of buried kerogen.   

 Kazakhs Plan New Space Complex - SpaceDaily  Left:  Kazakhstan needs all the investment it can get.  Kazakhstan plans to build its own space complex for low earth orbit flights. Kazakh Prime Minister Danial Akhmetov has instructed state agencies to study the option of forming a national aviation-space complex for launching small civilian spacecraft to low earth orbit, the news agency said. The Ishim complex will use Russian-built MiG-31 supersonic interceptor fighters to lift small rockets with satellites to the required altitude, the press service said. The rockets will be fired from the fighters and propel small satellites weighing up to 360 pounds into orbit, the press service said.

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