Intermediate Word:  phlegmatic  (a) clearing one's throat often   (b) calm  (c) pertaining to mucous membranes  (d) bold
Difficult Word: -ambage  (a) café currtain  (b) flounce  (c) breakwater  (d) winding passageway

Crazy Comet: 'Wild' Surface Seen Up Close - Space.com   Left: A composite image of comet Wild 2 shows part of its surface detail overlain on a longer-exposure image that reveals the outgassing jets. Dust and gas stream into space, leaving a trail millions of miles long.  "Other than the Sun, this is the most active planetary surface in our solar system," said Donald Brownlee, principle investigator of the comet study. Its surface is littered with odd, well-like depressions, as well as hills, cliffs and active vents that belch gas into space.
Western gorilla, Roberta Salmi/Elsevier Gorilla study gives social clues  - BBC  Left:  Western gorillas are threatened by poaching and disease.  The western gorilla lives peacefully in human-like social groups, a study shows. Only the mountain gorilla, which is known for its aggressive behaviour, chest-beating and fighting, has been widely observed in the wild until now. But the new research suggests the western gorilla, another gorilla species, interacts peacefully when it comes into contact with other apes. When a mature male, known as a silverback, encountered a tribe led by its brother or cousin, the encounter was almost always a friendly one.


Dieting in middle age may extend your life span  - BBC  "CR begun relatively late in the lifespan of mice was as effective as CR begun early in life at decelerating mortality rate, extending remaining lifespan, and delaying the onset or progression of cancer as a cause of death," they concluded. The mice were 19 months old (the human equivalent of 60 to 65). Lifespan was extended by almost six months and deaths due to cancer were delayed, perhaps by decreasing the rate of tumour growth. Increasing life span by six months equates to 15 years in human terms. This research was sponsored by the Life Extension Foundation.

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