Intermediate Word:  phylactery -  (a) room containing church supplies  (b) type of armillary sphere  (c) botanical classification scheme  (d) an amulet
Difficult Word: - touraco  (a) coiled headdress  (b) sarong  (c) brightly colored African bird  (d) hot, dry wind

On Show 24/7 From Orbit To The Desktop - SpaceDaily  Buy a satellite image of the Earth from a commercial vendor today, and you will typically receive an image of roughly one metre resolution. It's amazing to be able to see roads and buildings from space, detail that's comparable to flying over a city in an aircraft. Since high-resolution satellite imagery made its commercial debut in 1999, the technology has been embraced for everything from national security to town planning. Journalists have also joined the fray, using satellite photography to cover anything from the siege of Fallujah in Iraq to the horrifying tsunami that recently struck Asia. In the near future, commercial satellites with half-metre resolution are expected. Technology doesn't stand still, and the industry could eventually see satellites operating with resolutions of 25 centimetres or even better. Future satellites could not only spot individual people, but possibly identify them.  
Scientists Entice Superconducting Devices To Act Like Atoms - SpaceDaily  Left: NIST physicist Ray Simmonds holds a protective box containing "artificial atoms" that might be used in quantum computers. Next to him is a cryogenic refrigerator that cools the box to temperatures near absolute zero. Credit: Geoffrey Wheeler.  Two superconducting devices have been coaxed into a special, interdependent state that mimics the unusual interactions sometimes seen in pairs of atoms, according to a team of physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Until now, superconducting qubits - quantum counterparts of the 1s and 0s used in today's computers - have been measured one at a time to avoid unwanted effects on neighboring qubits. Entanglement is the "quantum magic" allowing the construction of logic gates in a quantum computer.   

Introducing the Technology Review Index  - Technology Review  Technology Review, of course, is all about the future, and the companies and people involved in the innovation that will get us there. It is in that spirit that we introduce the Technology Review Index, which includes the TR Large-Cap 100 and its sibling, the TR Small-Cap 50. Developed in conjunction with Standard and Poors, these global equity indices will serve as our own in-house gauge of the pulse of innovation.

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