Intermediate Word:  bannock  (a) moor  (b) pancake  (c) high crag  (d) heifer
Difficult Word: - weregeld  (a) protection money paid to enemy to keep them from attacking  (b) fairy gold  (c) compensation paid to family for killing someone  (d) magician's guild

Lunar Convoys As An Option For A Return To The Moon - SpaceDaily  Left:  Add water and people and presto you have a functioning lunar world  One can readily foresee a lunar convoy of ten ships for example. The ships would be assembled in orbit at a space depot. Propellants would be generated at a nearby water (ice) storage depot made up of upper stage propellant tanks as well as payload containers, boosted by large water tankers. There solar energy is being continually harvested to produce LOX and LH2 by water electrolysis. Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide would also be stored in their frozen states at the depot. Frozen storage minimizes slosh and leakage issues and the solid phase of hydrogen peroxide may permit safe storage without degradation. 
China Launches Lunar Probe Project - SpaceDaily  Left:  China's lunar program will build upon a growing earth observation program that is equipping China with increasingly sophisticated observational technologies.  China's lunar probe project involves launching of a satellite to orbit the moon by 2007. The satellite project is part of the country's ambitious three-stage lunar program, which would be followed by the landing of an unmanned vehicle on the moon in the second stage by 2010, and collecting samples of lunar soil with an unmanned vehicle by 2020. Sun described the satellite project as an important step toward China's exploration of deeper space, and the moon would provide a good platform from which to explore.

Quantum Dots Deliver Photons One At A Time - SpaceDaily   "Single photon turnstiles" are being hotly pursued for quantum communications and cryptography, which involve using streams of individual photons in different quantum states to transmit encoded information. Due to the peculiarities of quantum mechanics, such transmissions could not be intercepted without being altered, thus ensuring that eavesdropping would be detected. The photon source used in the NIST study was a "quantum dot," 10 to 20 nanometers wide, made of semiconductor materials. Quantum dots have special electronic properties that, when excited, cause the emission of light at a single wavelength that depends on dot size.

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