Intermediate Word:  bariatrics  (a) treatment of obesity  (b) science of high and low atmospheric pressure systems  (c) treatment for divers who have gotten "the bends"  (d) physics of very high pressures
Difficult Word: - realpolitik  (a) practical politics  (b) diplomacy)  (c) expansionist national policy  (d) the hereditary-monarch form of government

Black Holes? Fuzzy Tangles of Strings? - Space.com  According to a new study, information may continue to exist long after entering a black hole, preserved in a giant tangle of strings that stretch from the hole's core to its surface, giving it more of a "fuzzball" appearance than that of a smooth gravitational beast. "I think that most people gave up on the idea that information was destroyed once the idea of string theory rose to prominence in 1995," said Samir Mathur, an Ohio State physics professor.

NASA Planning Steps To Moon, Mars And Beyond - Space.com  The first of the building blocks, called Lunar Testbeds and Missions, will include a major new series of space robotic probes to the moon, along with an accelerated program of unmanned Mars exploration. The second building block is called Mars Research, Testbeds and Missions. Here, the space agency will begin developing a more aggressive robotic exploration of Mars, beginning in 2011.

Carbon Found To Be Older Than The Solar Systems - Space.com  For the first time, researchers have identified organic material in interplanetary dust particles (IDPs), gathered from the Earth's stratosphere, that was made before the birth of our Solar System. "Our findings are proof that there is presolar organic material coming into the Solar System yet today," Floss said. "This material has been preserved for more than 4.5 billion years, which is the age of the Solar System. It's amazing that it has survived for so long." Floss said it's estimated that, over a million years, about a centimeter of carbonaceous material comes in the form of such cosmic dust and a significant amount of that material may be presolar in origin.

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