Intermediate Word:  chenille -  (a) bedspread  (b) lady's maid  (c) tufted cord or fabric  (d) type of French poodle
Difficult Word: - patelliform  (a) medieval leather-and-metal shield  (b) regimental pennon  (c) cup-shaped  (d) punishment the same as the crime

Quarter of Mars Scientists at European Meeting Believe Life Possible on Red Planet - Space.com  Three-quarters of the 250 Mars science experts meeting to analyze the results from U.S. and European Mars probes believe life could have existed on Mars in the past, and 25 percent think life could be there even now, according to a poll released Feb. 25.  The results perhaps reflect the sober caution of scientists who refuse to jump to conclusions before conclusive evidence is in.     
Wealthy Chinese May Soon Embark On Private Space Flights - SpaceDaily  Left: The possibility of following in the footsteps of Yang Liwei, who became China's first man in space in 2003, has opened up with the entry of US tour operator Space Adventures into the Chinese market, the Beijing News said.  Wealthy Chinese citizens may soon embark on private space flights, with the first group of adventurous millionaires starting astronaut training as early as May, state media reported Monday. As of now, just one unnamed Chinese has signed up for one of Space Adventures' tour packages, but the two companies expect more to follow soon, the paper said.    

Mars Express, European Space Agency

Martian gases pose life question  - BBC  Vittorio Formisano told a Dutch space conference methane and formaldehyde could signify biological activity. "[My observations] should not be taken as a statement that there is life on Mars today, because we need to go there, to drill the soil, take samples, and analyse them before possibly concluding that life is there," Professor Formisano said  "If you consider only methane which is observed in the Martian atmosphere, it would be 150 tonnes a year; if you consider formaldehyde then you have 2.5 million tonnes [of methane] per year, which is much more," he said. "And the correlation indicates the sources are in the soil, underground."  

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