Intermediate Word:  trichinosis (a) dangerous worm infection from eating undercooked pork  (b) ingrown hair follicle  (c) wating-away condition brought on by anorexia (d) ringworm of the scalp 
Difficult Word:
  Dardanus -  (a) ancient Persian rule  (b) eponymous founder of Troy  (c) Roman general for whom the Dardanelles are named  (d) illustrious Roman sculptor

The hypertelescope: a zoom with a view The hypertelescope: a zoom with a view - New Scientist  ANTOINE LABEYRIE has a dream. He wants to photograph tropical forests, mountain ranges, oceans and deserts, but the Amazon, the Himalayas, the Pacific and the Sahara leave him cold. Instead, he has his sights firmly set on the clouds and continents of worlds many light years away from Earth. Sitting on Labeyrie's drawing board are plans for a hypertelescope, a new breed of space telescope that is capable of mapping distant cousins of Earth in exquisite detail.       
Spitalfields Market where skeletons from the Great Plague were discovered (BBC) Europe's chill linked to disease  - BBC  Left:  Bubonic plague may have wiped out over a third of Europe's population.  Europe's "Little Ice Age" may have been triggered by the 14th Century Black Death plague, according to a new study. Pollen and leaf data support the idea that millions of trees sprang up on abandoned farmland, soaking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The team found an increase in cereal pollen from 1200 onwards (reflecting agricultural expansion), followed by a sudden dive around 1347, linked to the agricultural crisis caused by the arrival of the Black Death, most probably a bacterial disease spread by rat fleas.      

Intel says it will begin making make ultra-small, 45-nm SRAM on 300-mm wafers next year . Last month, Intel showed samples of the device.

Faster Chips, Kill, Kill, Kill  - Wired News  PCs with blazing-fast 5-GHz CPUs are not only feasible, they should soon be on store shelves, according to chipmakers at a conference in Silicon Valley this week. IBM, for example, said this week it will defy "conventional wisdom" and print circuits with 30-nanometer ridges, a third of the size of the 90-nm chips in production today, using current lithography imaging processes. Also this week, Dutch-based lithography equipment maker ASML Holding NV demonstrated its 42-nm production process and said it had the equipment to make 35-nm chips.    

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