Intermediate Word:  talisman -  (a) object thought to bring good luck  (b) evil omen  (c) advance scout  (d) best oarsman on the rowing team
Difficult Word: - talion  (a) medieval leather-and-metal shield  (b) regimental pennon  (c) stone anchor  (d) punishment the same as the crime

Have Spaceplane Will Travel - Space.com  Among several firms literally hammering away at this prospect is Rocketplane Limited, Inc., an Oklahoma corporation. The company is eager to make space travel as safe, convenient, and routine as air transportation, with work ramping up on their Rocketplane XP design. The spacelinerís first commercial passenger flight is projected to be early 2007, whisking customers skyward to over 60 miles (100 kilometers) above Earth.     
The Resources of the Moon and Beyond - Space.com   Starting with water and oxygen on the Moon and the exploitation of high value metallic asteroid impactors on the Moon, we can shift the economics of the hydrogen economy, lowering the cost of fuel cells and delivering thousands of tons of high quality metals for use in building up lunar and space based commercial operations. In my book I work through the math of impacts to estimate hundreds of billions of tons of these impactors on the Moon.     

Global Warming Led To Atmospheric Hydrogen Sulfide And Permian Extinction - SpaceDaily  Volcanic eruptions in Siberia 251 million years ago may have started a cascade of events leading to high hydrogen sulfide levels in the oceans and atmosphere and precipitating the largest mass extinction in Earth's history, according to a Penn State geoscientist. "The recent dating of the Siberian trap volcanoes to be contemporaneous with the end-Permian extinction suggests that they were the trigger for the environmental events that caused the extinctions," says Dr. Lee R. Kump, professor of geosciences. During the end-Permian extinction 95 percent of all species on Earth became extinct.  

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