Intermediate Word:  irrefragrable  (a) can't be further divided  (b) incompatible  (c) invincible  (d) irrefragrable
Difficult Word: - raclette  (a) cheese on boiled potatoes  (b) eyelash curler  (c) animal shelter add-on  (d) game similar to  backgammon

The Accura has a voice-controlled navigation system Hi-tech vroom: How car computers may soon cater to our every motoring whim  - BBC  For those with the cash, the car of the future is on sale today in the shape of BMW's 5 series or Honda's Accura TL. Included in the technology packed into the $40,000 BMW is a display which floats information such as speed and navigation onto the windshield. As for Honda's $35,000 auto, it has a voice-controlled navigation system, as well as the first DVD audio system built into a car. "You can just jump in the car, press a button and the car tells you where to go, keeps you away from the traffic jams and alerts you to speed cameras," says Mr Martell.
Beagle 2   All Rights Reserved Beagle 2 Think tank urges space fund boost  - BBC  The left-leaning think-tank Demos has called on the UK government to invest more in space exploration. The call follows an upsurge in popular interest as a result of attempts to set the British lander Beagle 2 on the surface of Mars. In a report on space policy, Demos says the UK should support European efforts to prevent US attempts to dominate and weaponise space. Since the 1960s Britain has been a bit-part player in space. Demos argues that while the government has been right to avoid human exploration, it risks missing out on an economic and technological revolution. 


Fruit reduces heart disease risk  - BBC  Eating three apples a day can significantly cut the risk of death from coronary heart disease, say scientists. Scientists, who carried out the research, said people who eat 10 grams of fibre daily, reduce their risk of heart attack by 14% and their risk of dying from coronary heart disease by 27%. A medium-sized apple contains about 3 grams of fibre, a slice of whole wheat bread contains 1.5 grams and a stalk of broccoli about 2.7 grams of fibre. Fibre found in fruit, vegetables, grains and cereals lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, according to the article. the health benefit of fibre was strongest when it came from fruit and  cereals.

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