Intermediate Word:  Cadmus (a) sowed the dragon's teeth to found the city of Thebes  (b) Roman province where cadmium was discovered  (c) Welsh folk-hero  (d) Roman general who conquered Lydia 
Difficult Word:
  tsuris -  (a) fish net for small fish  (b) skin disease characterized by flaky skin  (c) trouble  (d) layer of high, thin cirro-stratus clouds

Swift Might Have Detected A Supernova Just Beginning - SpaceDaily  Left: Scientists are studying a strange explosion that appeared on February 18, 2006, about 440 million light years away in the constellation Aries. The "before" image on the left is from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The "after" image on the right is from NASA Swift's Ultraviolet/ Optical Telescope. The pinpoint of light from this star explosion outshines the entire host galaxy. Most other sources are foreground stars. Each image is 5 arcminutes by 5 arcminutes. Coordinates for this burst are as follows: RA: 03:21:39.71 Dec: +16:52:02.6. Credit:    NASA's Swift satellite has detected a strange cataclysmic event in another galaxy that scientists think could be a supernova just getting started. The event, named Gamma Ray Burst 060218, is emanating from a galaxy located about 440 million light-years away, in the direction of the constellation Aries. That distance would make this the second-closest GRB detected by Swift, but the length of the outburst has scientists puzzled. It lasted more than 33 minutes, while GRBs typically last less than one minute.   
Scaled Composites Hiring Spaceship Builders - Space.com  If you’re looking to get your hands dirty and be on the ground floor of public space travel, you might touch base with one of the leading spaceline builders. Scaled Composites in Mojave, California is in the deep design stage of a fleet of commercial suborbital spaceships and launch aircraft. They are also in recruitment mode to find the right talent to build the commercial spaceships for the new industry of private spaceflight.     

NASA Under Pressure To Ensure Researcher Independence - SpaceDaily  The US space agency NASA is under increasing pressure from Congress and the scientific community to make sure its researchers remain independent after the agency's top expert on climate publicly denounced attempts to censor his work. White House appointees wanted NASA press releases to refrain from referring to "atmospheric warming" and talk instead about "climate change" The NASA official in charge of communications, George Deutsch, resigned last week in the face of accusations he had prevented journalists from interviewing the agency's top climate expert, Jim Hansen.    

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