Intermediate Word:  disconsonant  (a) at odds with  (b) mispronounced  (c) irregularly shaped  (d) discontent with
Difficult Word: - duroc  (a) coat rack peg  (b) rivet-remover tool  (c) large red hog  (d) type of glue

Silicon Insider Intel's New Spotlight - ABC  In case you missed it, Intel earlier this month announced (and published in the scientific journal Nature) that it had developed a way to make silicon circuits switch beams of light the same way they currently switch streams of electrons. The news has the electronics world (and its bloggers) buzzing. If Intel really has what it says it has and more important, can build it in volume then we may be looking at the digital equivalent of a Unified Field Theory. If Intel is right, then the long-standing dream of merging the two great worlds of tech computing and telecommunications may have begun.
Arthritic hands Secrets of inflammation unveiled  - BBC  Left:  "This could have major therapeutic benefits for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer."   The team discovered that certain sugar molecules that form part of a protein known as CD44 have a vital role to play in regulating whether or not inflammation occurs. Normally, this is part of the body's immune response. But in the absence of proper regulation, it is also the cause of inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis and asthma, and the means by which cancer cells are able to break away from the primary tumour and spread around the body.  

Radiotherapy treatment for cancer

Doubt cast on free radical theory  - BBC  The researchers discovered that it is not free radicals that give white blood cells their destructive power, but enzymes which effectively digest foreign invaders. They discovered that production of these enzymes is triggered by the flow of the mineral potassium within the cell. Dr Segal said the pharmaceutical industry had spent millions of pounds on what amounted to a red herring. "Many patients might be using expensive antioxidant drugs based upon completely invalid theories as to their therapeutic potential. "All the theories relating to their causation of disease by oxygen free radicals, and the therapeutic value of antioxidants must, at the very least, be re-evaluated."

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