Intermediate Word:  lavaliere  (a) pendant  (b) skylight  (c) lava leak on side of volcano  (d) wash basin
Difficult Word: - hidrosis  (a) inflation  (b) excessive perspiration  (c) moving outside established channels  (d) moving water up from the roots

Robot Road Warriors- Unmanned Vehicles to Race for $1 Million in DARPA Contest - Space.com  Teams of scientists, engineers and students from across the United States are gearing up for what may be the most unique land race in the country; a contest run by robots vying to be the first vehicle to reach Las Vegas and win $1 million for its builders. The race, known as the Grand Challenge, is the brainchild of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  
Researchers Discover Way To Grow Silicon Nanowires - SpaceDaily  Left:  Silicon nanowires are shown here growing over a trench in a silicon wafer.  Oregon Health & Science University researchers have discovered a new way to accurately grow silicon nanowires on an electrode for use in fabricating transistors. The discovery has important implications for semiconductor research and may one day help engineers build faster computer chips. A research group led by Raj Solanki, Ph.D., professor of electrical engineering professor in OHSU's OGI School of Science & Engineering, recently demonstrated it is possible to grow silicon nanowires exactly where you want them on an electrode using electrical fields.

Into the Briny Deep - Perhaps - Space.com   Left:   This image shows the patch of soil at the bottom of the shallow depression dubbed "Laguna Hollow" where the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit will soon begin trenching. Scientists are intrigued by the clustering of small pebbles and the crack-like fine lines, which indicate a coherent surface that expands and contracts. A number of processes can cause materials to expand and contract, including cycles of heating and cooling; freezing and thawing; and rising and falling of salty liquids within a substance. This false-color image was created using the blue, green and infrared filters of the rover's panoramic camera. Scientists chose this particular combination of filters to enhance the heterogeneity of the martian soil. Image and caption NASA/JPL. Full Size images  Even before Opportunity gets to Bonneville Crater, the mobile robot may make a critical discovery. It may find evidence of liquid water on Mars.

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