Intermediate Word:  quire (a) wire locking clip for a shaft  (b) quarter of a shire  (c) 25 sheets of paper  (d) assembly of selectmen
Difficult Word:
  suberose -  (a) pertaining to cork  (b) sugar found in beets  (c) rough-surfaced  (d) sugar found in carrots

Space Tourism Lures A Rising Number Of US Entrepreneurs - SpaceDaily  Space tourism has caught the imagination of US business leaders, some of whom already have plans to serve what they say may be a multi-billion-dollar industry in a couple of decades. "Space tourism will be a significant portion of the overall travel and tourism industry over the next 20 to 25 years," said Eric Anderson, chief executive of Space Adventures, the first and still the only company to send paying customers into orbit. Space Adventures owns the rights to sell an open third seat aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft. A civilian willing to undergo rigorous training can spend 10 days on the International Space Station for 20 million dollars. Studies show that 10 and 40 percent of the people in the world would like to fly to space, and with some 800 billionaires and 20 million millionaires in the world, the numbers tell Anderson he can count on flying 5,000 to 10,000 passengers per year.     
Breast tumour Breast cancer drug cocktail hope  - BBC  Cancer charities have welcomed a study showing a combination of drugs could extend the disease-free time of women with advanced breast cancer. Taking Avastin, already used to treat bowel cancer, with the chemo drug Taxol led to women surviving cancer-free for months longer than when taking Taxol. The European Breast Cancer Conference in Nice, France, said that women with early breast cancer may also benefit. Some women with advanced breast cancer can benefit from the drug Herceptin, but the drug can only help those who have Her2 positive tumours - around a fifth of cases.  

Hyshot flight profile and scramjet experiment

Hypersonic jet ready for launch  - BBC A new jet engine designed to fly at seven times the speed of sound appears to have been successfully tested. The scramjet engine, the Hyshot III, was launched at Woomera  on the back of a two stage Terrier-Orion rocket. Once 314km up, the Hyshot III fell back to Earth, reaching speeds analysts hope will have topped Mach 7.6 (9,000km/h). It is hoped the British-designed Hyshot III will pave the way for ultra fast, intercontinental air travel. 

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