Intermediate Word:  abscond -  (a) to publicly proclaim  (b) to primp  (c) to falsify  (d) to secretly steal away
Difficult Word: - guyot    (a) annular support ring  (b) chutzpah  (c) child-like innocence (d) sarong-like Mother Hubbard

Solar-Powered Blimp Could Fly For A Year - SpaceDaily  Left:  Researchers from Purdue's School of Aeronautics and Astronautics work with a 19-foot-long model they are using to develop the aerodynamic design and control system for a new high-altitude airship. About 10 researchers from Purdue are working with the U.S. Air Force to develop the helium-filled craft, which will be designed to hover in the same location at altitudes above 65,000 feet for up to a year at a time for applications including surveillance and homeland security. To keep the craft geostationary, or over the same location, it will have to have an automated system of electric motors that steady the airship in the windy high-altitude environment.  Part of the concept is an aerodynamic design and control system that will help keep the airship steady amid high winds. Computer simulations have shown how the craft would perform given specific design characteristics, they said. The airship is intended to fly well above commercial aircraft, which cruise as high as 40,000 feet, and conventional blimps, which reach only around 5,000 feet.
Spintronic Materials Make Their Move - SpaceDaily   Electrons moving with their spins aligned in the same direction make a current of spins, which could be used, somewhat like currents of electrical charge are now used, to pass or transform information in future electronic components made of tailored magnetic lattices - a future generation of circuits based on the science of "spintronics," which is also carried out at Brookhaven Lab. Studies on atomic magnetism have applications for understanding novel materials - including spintronic materials and superconductors - that will revolutionize the electronic and energy industries. Such studies using x-rays can only be performed in the U.S. at x-ray synchrotron radiation facilities built and managed by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science.   

Next Generation UAVs: Proxity Sub Plans Jet Powered CyberScout - SpaceDaily  The next generation CyberScout is expected to weigh approximately 21 pounds empty, be powered by 3 of the new powerplants and carry a two to three pound payload. The Company anticipates offering the new CyberScout for $150,000. The engineering team is also beginning to look at the availability of larger powerplants in an effort to develop a scaling up program for the CyberScout. The CyberBugs that are now in limited production can fly for up to four hours with payloads of 6 pounds or more. The CyberBug is a scalable 2.6 to 12 pound low cost unmanned aircraft (UAV) developed for the individual user as well as organizations.  

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