Intermediate Word:  empennage (a) tail of an airplane  (b) household flag  (c) signed inscription  (d) feudal lord's possessions outside his castle
Difficult Word:
  ralph -  (a) best friend  (b) to upchuck  (c) to read over someone's shoulder  (d) to cheat

Concept space plane (Space Adventures) The X Factor:Taking space dreams and making them a commercial reality  - BBC  We are about to witness a revolution in human spaceflight. Launching people into space has until now been the almost exclusive preserve of superpower governments. But, according to industry experts and entrepreneurs, the commercial exploitation of space is about to open a new frontier for mass tourism  For one of the pioneers of this revolution, Burt Rutan of the Californian company Scaled Composites, it reminds him of the imaginings of his youth. Everyone dreamed of travelling in space during the Sixties."   
Back treatment 'has few benefits'  - BBC  Spinal manipulation - which is used by chiropractors and osteopaths in the UK to treat neck and back pain - is of little help, researchers have said. Experts from Peninsula Medical School in Devon reviewed 26 studies carried out between 2000 and 2005. Writing in Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, they said the data gave "little evidence" of effectiveness. Chiropractors said the team had focused on negative studies which supported the researchers' views - a claim they deny. It was found the data did not show spinal manipulation was effective for any condition - except for back pain.  

Fish oils 'block prostate cancer'  - BBC  A diet rich in a fat found in oily fish and some seeds may protect men with prostate cancer from developing a more aggressive form, scientists have found. Prostate cancer is much more likely to be life-threatening if tumour cells migrate and invade other tissues, such as the bone marrow. Lab tests found omega-3 oil - present in fish like salmon - prevented this. Omega-6 fats, found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, also play a key role in keeping us healthy. However, while omega-6 fats increased the spread of prostate cancer cells into bone marrow, omega-3 fats blocked this. Omega-3 fats appear to interfere with this process in some way. 

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