Intermediate Word:  phlebotomist  (a) specialist at drawing blood samples   (b) flea eradicator  (c) gourmet butcher  (d) cardiovascular surgeon
Difficult Word: -wherry  (a) greatcoat  (b) one-man oarboat  (c) jetty  (d) lodge-keeper

Iraq ambivalent about occupation - SpaceDaily  The Bush administration and supporters of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq will be heartened by new polling figures conducted by several major media organizations in Iraq that show 70 percent of Iraqis saying their life is good under occupation. But the positive figures initially reported in the press and touted by officials in the Bush administration as a success for the U.S.-led coalition in developing a society belies the devastating negative ratings that every institution affiliated with the Americans receives from its constituents. This would be welcome news for the Americans -- except that it only reflects that most Iraqis hated Saddam

Next Generation Satellite Vital to U.S. Broadband Economy - SpaceDaily  Frost & Sullivan, a global leader in strategic growth consulting announced today the release of a forward-looking white paper that examines broadband requirements and coverage in the United States. This study describes the key role of satellite in providing high-speed connectivity in a manner that is cost-effective for service providers and end users. The evolution of broadband applications will require that virtually all U.S. business sites be enabled with a common level of data communication in order to maintain productivity.  

The Bush Space Initiative: Fiscal Nightmare or.. Fiscal Nightmare? - SpaceDaily  The new space initiative announced by President Bush has the odd distinction of being criticized both for costing too much and costing too little. Many commentators have denounced Plan Bush an insanely grandiose program that will waste $1 trillion dollars of tax money. At the same time, another group of critics says that it is a trivially small program whose funding level is utterly inadequate to achieve its announced goals of manned flights to the Moon and Mars. John Pike goes so far as to call the Bush Plan "a roadmap for the quiet and orderly phase-out of manned space flight."(But see also: Jeff Bell and the Legions of Doom - SpaceDaily)

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