Intermediate Word:  hepatic (a) flowery  (b) derived from plant sources  (c) pertaining to the liver  (d) lyre-shaped
Difficult Word:
  jess -  (a) girlfriend  (b) leather apron  (c) shoemaker's tool  (d) falcon's leg strap

Nuclear nightmare in Manhattan - New Scientist  A TRUCK pulls up in front of New York City's Grand Central Station, one of the most densely crowded spots in the world. It is a typical weekday afternoon, with over half a million people in the immediate area, working, shopping or just passing through. A few moments later the driver makes his delivery: a 10-kiloton atomic explosion. Within seconds, the blast, heat and direct exposure to radiation have killed several hundred thousand people.      
Power from waste: Could a 'useless bush' solve India's rural energy needs?  - BBC  An ancient tractor dumps a trailer load of plant material next to a battered looking shed. Surprising as it may seem, this unremarkable event may hold the key to ending chronic power shortages in rural India. Inside the shed is a noisy, little, green generator that runs on gas produced from rotting biomass. That is where the pile of plant matter dumped by the tractor comes in. The generator produces 100 kilowatts of electricity, enough to service the modest needs of four or five typical Indian villages. However in this particular case it drives a mini-industrial complex.   

Sea rise could be 'catastrophic'  - BBC   Earth could be headed for catastrophic sea level rise in the next few centuries if greenhouse gases continue to rise at present rates, experts say. A study in the US journal Science suggests a threshold triggering a rise in sea level of several metres could be reached before the end of the century.  Their computer models show that, in addition to widespread melting of the Greenland ice sheet, this rate of warming could also lead to the collapse of about half of the West Antarctic ice sheet in 500 years. "The simulated climate warming agreed well with the observed climate warming," Dr Overpeck told the BBC News website.     

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