Intermediate Word:  foulard  (a) someone foul-looking  (b) silk necktie or scarf  (c) a fault in skittles  (d) the out-of-bounds lines in croquet
Difficult Word: -caducity  (a) frailty of old age  (b) medical competence  (c) chutzpah  (d) capillary fragility

Robot For The Elderly At Future Of Aging Services Conference - SpaceDaily  Pearl, is capable of various caregiver tasks, such as escorting an elderly person to an appointment or reminding her of her daily schedule. Pearl is intended to assist caregivers not replace them. By taking on more mundane responsibilities of the caregiver and health professionals, those individuals have more time to focus on the tasks that require their high-level of training. Unlike simpler reminder systems, it can also monitor the execution of those activities, detect discrepancies between what a person is expected to do and what he or she actually is doing and reason about whether and when to issue reminders 
New Gene-Extracting Lab Fits On A Chip - SpaceDaily  U.S. scientists said they have reduced all the elements of a genetics lab capable of extracting DNA from cells automatically onto a microprocessor the size of a dime. The lab-on-a-chip, which is called a microfluidic, is made cheaply from silicone rubber. It resembles a maze of plumbing, with thousands of pipes, chambers and valves scientists can program to open and close to mix contents. "First you feed a cell into the input of the chip," Quake explained. "Then you close off the valves, enclose a small number of cells in the analysis chamber. You fill the other channels in the chip with various analytical agents. Then we open valves to the analysis chamber." 

Charge Doping Of Molecules One Atom At A Time Using STM - SpaceDaily  While the semiconductor industry today routinely dopes bulk silicon with billions of atoms of boron or phosphorous to obtain desired electrical properties, a team of physicists at the University of California, Berkeley, has succeeded in changing the properties of a single molecule by doping it just one atom at a time. The physicists used a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to move a buckyball - a cage-like molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms - around on a surface to pick up one potassium atom at a time, each one slightly altering the electrical properties of the buckyball.

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