Intermediate Word:  euphemism (a) substitution of an inoffensive term for an offensive one  (b) expression of endearment  (c) lucky turn of events  (d) emergence of a beneficial recessive trait
Difficult Word:
  greaser -  (a) mechanic  (b) central lube gun system  (c) macho/Latino male  (d) barber who uses hair grease

The first colour view of Titan's surface from the ESA's Huygens probe Earth could seed Titan with life  - BBC  Left:  It's not clear if microbes can survive Titan's freezing temperatures.  Terrestrial rocks blown into space by asteroid impacts on Earth could have taken life to Saturn's moon Titan, scientists have announced.  To get terrestrial, life-bearing rocks to escape the Earth's atmosphere and reach space requires an impact by an asteroid or comet between 10 and 50km across. Only a handful of recorded strikes in geological history fit the bill. One of them is the asteroid strike 65 million years ago, which punched a crater between 160 and 240km wide in what is today the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Brett Gladman, from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, and colleagues calculated that about 600 million fragments from such an impact would escape from Earth into an orbit around the Sun. Some of these would have escape velocities such that they could get to Jupiter and Saturn in roughly a million years. Dr Gladman's team calculated that up to 20 terrestrial rocks from a large impact on Earth would reach Titan. These would strike Titan's upper atmosphere at 10-15 km/s. At this velocity, the cruise down to the surface might be comfortable enough for microbes to survive the journey.

Water (BBC)

No pipe dream Libya delivers on its colossal water grid project  - BBC  Oil exploration in the 1950s had revealed vast aquifers beneath Libya's southern desert. After weighing up the relative costs of desalination or transporting water from Europe, Libyan economists decided that the cheapest option was to construct a network of pipelines to transport water from the desert to the coastal cities, where most Libyans live. With fossil water available in most of Libya's coastal cities, the government is now beginning to use its water for agriculture. Over the country as a whole, 130,000 hectares of land will be irrigated for new farms.        

Dead rex walking - New Scientist  Everyone knows how a Tyrannosaurus rex runs and especially when chasing a jeep containing Hollywood star Jeff Goldblum. But for those who'd prefer more science and less Spielberg, dinosaur locomotion experts John Hutchinson and Stephen Gatesy have pieced together some impressive bone simulations of a dead rex walking and, more impressively, running at a zippy 10 metres per second. And here he is with his skin on. And they have a load more movies and images, here. And there's more dino-action in our special report. (Images and video: Hutchinson & Gatesy)  

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