Intermediate Word:  grampus  (a) species of squid  (b) long beard  (c) import duty on hard goods  (d) killer whale
Difficult Word: - majolica  (a) dickey worn by nuns  (b) richly colored earthenware  (c) Italian lace  (d)  baptismal fount bird

A Fallacious Trade Doctrine - SpaceDaily  Left:  It will be decades before international trade is free of the starvation-causing market distortions caused by Europe, Japan and the United States with their never ending resort to farming subsidies, import quotas and price control tariffs.  The argument over globalization has a tired quality to it, with primitive protectionists battling against dogmatic free traders, who cite the doctrine of comparative advantage and correctly term their opponents economically illiterate. Yet true economic understanding, not simply of the theory but of the second order effects that trade can produce, may not lie entirely on the free trade side.
One Year Later In The Sands Of Eden - SpaceDaily  Not much to show for nearly 600 American soldiers killed, thousands more injured, and over $150 billion spent. As the first anniversary of the Iraq war approaches, the Bush administration will doubtless boast about its great achievement in liberating the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein and striking a blow for democracy in the Middle East, while making America a more secure place. Administration officials will talk about a free Iraq, the absence of institutionalized oppression, the restoration of basic services, the reopening of schools with new textbooks and above all the passage of an interim constitution with a bill of rights.  

David Kay On Inspections and Absence of Prohibited Weapons - SpaceDaily  One year after the United States and Britain bypassed ongoing United Nations weapons monitoring and disarmament efforts and invaded Iraq, U.S.-led teams scouring the country have failed to uncover any prohibited Iraqi weapons stockpiles. In an "Arms Control Today" interview published this week, David Kay, the former head of the U.S. post- war weapons inspection effortthe Iraq Survey Group (ISG), reiterated his view that there were no significant chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons in Iraq. 

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