Intermediate Word:  imago -  (a) adult retention of child's image of parent  (b) an idealized image of how something ought to be  (c) an eidolon  (d) the after-image when you close your eyes
Difficult Word: - distiches  (a) rhyming couplets  (b) perforated lines for easy tearing  (c) two rows of leaves on opposite sides of a stem- (d) two-paged stone tablet

Hitachi's humanoid robots can chat, zip around  - C/Net  Pal and Chum look a little bit like first-graders on wheels, chatting up a storm and racing around the room. For Hitachi, Japan's biggest electronics conglomerate, they are the next generation of humanoid robots. Emiew, which stands for "excellent mobility and interactive existence as workmate," can run as fast as 3.7 mph, compared with Honda Motor's celebrated Asimo, whose top speed is a pokey 1.86 mph. Hitachi said the Emiews, which currently have a vocabulary of about 100 words, still need to be trained before they are fit for practical office and factory use in five to six years.    
Robot Finds Life in Desert, Mimicking Skills Needed on Mars - Space.com  A robot laden with sensor equipment has detected life on the arid terrain of the Chilean desert, a first for rover-based systems. ZoŽ, a four-wheeled automaton built to scan for living organisms, found evidence of bacterial colonies and lichens living among the rocks of Chileís Atacama Desert. The instrument can pick up signals from fluorescent dyes that light up when they connect with nucleic acids, proteins and other life-relevant molecules.    

Shanghai To Be "Spaceflight Kingdom" - SpaceDaily  A "spaceflight kingdom," covering about 1,200 mu (80 hectares), will begin construction in southwest Shanghai. The Spaceflight New Area, located in the Minxing District, will integrate scientific research and production as well as logistics; it will become the new development cradle of Shanghai-made rockets, satellites and airships. The first phase of the project is predicted to be completed in 2007 and the second phase in 2010.      

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