Intermediate Word:  riposte -  (a) end lamppost  (b) retaliatory action  (c) river mile marker  (d) characterized by  humility
Difficult Word: - lamia  (a) blood-sucking serpent  (b) vertebral disk  (c) soft baby blanket  (d) climbing vine with purple flowers

Young Universe Like "Vegetable Soup" - SpaceDaily  LeftThis artist's concept shows a warm, watery alien world in the early universe whose sky is filled with a variety of galaxies. Spitzer data showed that the early universe was a big zoo with "animals" of all sorts, including surprisingly old, dead galaxies that stopped forming stars very quickly. Credit: David A. Aguilar (CfA).  Even the early universe was a wildly complex place. "It looks like vegetable soup! We're detecting galaxies we never expected to find, having a wide range of properties we never expected to see."  "Overall, we're seeing young galaxies with lots of dust, young galaxies with no dust, old galaxies with lots of dust, and old galaxies with no dust. There's as much variety in the early universe as we see around us today," said Labbe. The unpredicted existence of "red and dead" galaxies so early in time challenges theorists who model galaxy formation.
The bubble that ate the universe The bubble that ate the universe - New Scientist  THROUGHOUT the universe, space-time is fizzing. Bubbles pop in and out of existence across the cosmos. Mostly, the froth is harmless. Yet at any moment, it could unleash a catastrophic reaction that rips through the fabric of space, destroying the universe and everything in it. Clearly, a killer bubble hasn't formed so far in the 13 billion years since the universe began. Yet Louis Clavelli believes that space-time bubbles are ripping stars apart on a daily basis.     

Israel Showcases Latest Ultra High-Tech Military Inventions - SpaceDaily  Left:  Today the Mosquito (pictured) is one of the smallest of these UAV systems, measuring 30 centimetres (12 inches) and 34 centimetres (14 inches) wide.  Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) proudly presented its new 120/121mm smart mortar bomb, commonly referred to as "FireBall", with pinpoint accuracy guided by GPS and laser-homing modes for a single-shot target kill in urban warfare. For closer combat, voyeurs also drooled over the Corner Shot, which allows police, security officers and soldiers to view targets "around the corner" through a mini video camera attached to the barrel of a shot gun. 

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