Intermediate Word:  dunnage  (a) shipping charges  (b) personal belongings  (c) billing procedures  (d) empty space in a ship's hold
Difficult Word: - periphrastic  (a) pertaining to circumlocution  (b) explanatory  (c) deliberately deceptive  (d) laudatory

Regenerative Medicine Is Heating Up - ABC  In laboratories the world over, scientists bent on turning back our biological clocks are looking past harvesting human embryos and cloning in their quest for disease cures. What these scientists hope for is to be able to make old cells young again, imbuing them with all the potential healing power that youthful cells may possess. Some are trying to reset biological clocks by mimicking "magic factors" in human eggs the only cells in a woman's body not programmed to die. The biggest game being stalked in this hunt is finding the still theoretical genes that launch creation of the human body from a single cell.
Melting probe, Jens Biele Plan to melt through Europa ice   - BBC  Left:  Europa may hold a warm water ocean underneath its ice crust.  Researchers are testing technology that could allow a lander to melt through the ice crust of Jupiter's moon Europa to reach the water ocean beneath. The prototype being tested by Dr Ulamec is a 225cm-long hollow aluminium cylinder with a copper melting head powered by an electrical cable. This melting probe, dubbed Susi, was originally envisaged as a tool to explore subglacial lakes on Earth, such as Lake Vostok in Antarctica. It could reach melting velocities of between one and two metres per hour and on one test melted to a depth of 220 metres in 75 hours. Ultimately, he hopes that the melting head of the probe can be powered by a radioactive heating unit instead of an electrical cable linked to an external power source. Low pressures on the Jovian moon mean that water would freeze behind the probe as it melted through the ice layer, drastically slowing its melting velocity. One possible proposal to counter this problem is to distribute heating elements along the length of the probe. Another is to simply boost the power by 20% for a given melting velocity. 

Health time bomb: Who should take the blame for rising rates of obesity?  - BBC  Around 300m people around the world are obese and that figure is predicted to rise sharply in the years ahead. Who, if anyone, is to blame? This week, the world's largest fast food chain announced plans to introduce healthier menus in many of its restaurants. But what should have been a public relations triumph for McDonald's quickly turned sour when it emerged that its salads may contain more fat than its burgers. The corporate giant, like many others in the food industry, has been accused of contributing to rising rates of obesity in many western countries, something it strongly denies.

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