Intermediate Word:  da capo -  (a) pertaining to the head  (b) in the style of a cardinal  (c) from the beginning  (d) slang for "The Godfather"
Difficult Word: - fantod  (a) fan-shaped window over door  (b) state following an epileptic seizure  (c) Western saddle blanket  (d) state of nervous irritability

Ascenderthumb.gif (16257 bytes) Orbital Airship - Google       JP Aerospace Has advanced a concept for a "space blimp" that would use solar-powered electric propulsion to gradually accelerate a helium-filled flying wing to the orbital speed of 7.5 kilometers per second. A conventional airship (Ascender) lifts payloads up to 30-40 kilometers above the ground. The second component, a docking station, acts as a resupply station for the third stage. The third stage is an "orbital airship" (Orbital Ascender), which takes payloads to low earth orbit via a ion engine in three to nine days (i.e., it accelerates itself horizontally to orbital velocity and gains sufficient altitude).
Japanese Hospitality Robots Debut At World Expo - SpaceDaily  Left: Japanese robot venture Kokoro's humanoid robot 'Actroid', able to recognize 40,000 phrases in four languages, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English, guides visitors at a reception for the 2005 World Exposition Aichi in Nagkute near Nagoya, central Japan 07 March 2005. Japan will welcome the millions of guests at the World Exposition opening this month with hosts trained to greet them in their language, entertain their children and perform rap music with them - the gracious hosts are robots. AFP photo by Yoshikazu Tsuno.  The humanoid with realistic eyeballs, eyelashes and moving lips gestures and puts on facial expressions suitable for the more than 2,000 types of answers it can give.     

Anti-aging prize tops $1 million - MSNBC  The growing prize, offered by the Methuselah Foundation, is designed to stimulate anti-aging research with the ultimate goal of making us all live forever. The fund now stands at $1,006,187. Only $129,329 of that is in the organizations coffers, however, while the rest is in the "committed" column. Funds for the M Prize are solicited from individuals, including a growing group that have pledged to contribute $1,000 a year for the next 25 years. The latest contributor is William Haseltine, biotech pioneer of Human Genome Sciences, M Prize officials announced Tuesday. The first Rejuvination Prize was awarded in December. The organization offers two prizes. The Longevity Prize is for extending the life of a single mouse; the Rejuvenation Prize is for slowing aging in middle-aged mice.   

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