Intermediate Word:  kuchen  (a) German pin cushion  (b) coffee cake  (c) kitchen  (d) embossing seal
Difficult Word: - coup d'oeil  (a) an act that draws attention  (b) an illusion  (c) a winning move  (d) a glance

Planetary Defense: Planning with Phantom Asteroids - Space.com  GARDEN GROVE, CALIF. – Authorities in defending the Earth from a cosmic run-in with an asteroid or comet have gathered here to detail ways to thwart future impacts and deal with the calamity if our planet is struck. Attention is focused on four fictitious Defined Threat (DEFT) scenarios that endanger the Earth. The approaching virtual asteroids have been dubbed D’Artagnon, Athos, Aramis, and a long-period comet called Porthos. 
Life In The Universe Takes Orders From Space - SpaceDaily  Recent findings have the origins of life reaching far out from what was once considered "the home planet."  In a paper published this week in Science, Pizarello and her co-author Arthur L. Weber of the SETI Institute show that the exclusive chirality of the proteins and sugars of life on Earth - their tendency to be left- or right-handed, could in fact be due to the chemical contribution of the countless meteorites that struck the planet during its early history. A particular type of meteorite - carbonaceous chondrites - holds particular interest. They contain amino acids.

Nokia says its new Communicator 9500 runs at almost half the speed of a standard broadband connection.

Showing off the phones of tomorrow  - CNN  Left:  Nokia says its new Communicator 9500 runs at almost half the speed of a standard broadband connection. French mobile operator Orange SA touted its 3G, or "third-generation," networks in a video conference with colleagues hundreds of miles away in the French cities of Lille and Toulouse. The demo featured a prototype of one of the phones Orange plans to bring to market in the next four months in France and Britain. Orange is planning to bring 3G to 10 cities in Britain and 20 in France during 2004, but has no plans to introduce it in its other European markets: Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland.  

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