Intermediate Word:  triturate (a) sift  (b) interrogate  (c) to grind to a powder  (d) round off the sharp edges
Difficult Word:
  toponym -  (a) sobriquet  (b) appropriate appelation  (c) name derived from a place  (d) all-inclusive term

Cheap Hydrogen Fuel  - Technology Review   Researchers at GE say they've come up with a prototype version of an easy-to-manufacture apparatus that they believe could lead to a commercial machine able to produce hydrogen via electrolysis for about $3 per kilogram -- a quantity roughly comparable to a gallon of gasoline -- down from today's $8 per kilogram. That could make it economically practical for future fuel-cell vehicles that run on hydrogen. Bourgeois' research team came up with a way to make future electrolyzers largely out of plastic. They used a GE plastic called Noryl that is extremely resistant to the highly alkaline potassium hydroxide. And because the plastic is easy to form and join, manufacturing an electrolyzer is relatively cheap. The researchers borrowed a spray-coating process to coat the electrodes with a proprietary nickel-based catalyst with a large surface area.
Injection MS vaccine testing to start in US  - BBC  A US company is set to begin a trial of a vaccine which it claims halts the progress of multiple sclerosis. PharmaFrontiers is to test its tailor-made vaccine on 100 patients with MS, after a small-scale study showed promise, New Scientist reports. In one trial of 15 patients, the vaccine reduced the rate of flare-ups by 92%. David McMillan, of PharmaFrontiers, said if earlier results were replicated in this study, it might be possible to slow or even halt the progress of the condition. The company claims the vaccine would only have to be given four times a year.

Parrot picture frame

Cebit 2006: A round-up of some of the coolest gadgets at this year's fair  - BBC  The Samsung VP-X210WL camcorder has a lens that can send images wirelessly over a short distance to the main body of the gadget. The 7" Parrot digital picture frame with 32 MB of storage displays up to 100 images. Lucent's MiViewTV would access web outlets for mobile TV. FMN Communications has produced a coin-operated wi-fi hot-spot. The Ego laptop is designed to look like a woman's handbag, complete with swappable skins, and a video camera to allow it to function as a mirror. It can take voice notes, play a DVD, watch digital TV using a built-in tuner

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