Intermediate Word:  desuetude  (a) disuse  (b) inattention  (c) poverty  (d) indolence
Difficult Word: - harridan  (a) con artist  (b) someone widely traveled  (c) gammer  (d) vicious, scolding woman

Hubble Finds Farthest Galaxies Strangest Yet - Space.com  The new image, called the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF), includes objects that until now have been too faint to be seen and includes ancient galaxies that emerged just 700 million years after the Big Bang from what astronomers call the "dark ages" of the universe. "We can now see tidal tails, wisps of gas, that cover large distances," Stiavelli said, adding that there are some interaction effects that defy identification, include some very red, very strange objects. 

Bioprocesses Upstage Traditional Chemical Processes - SpaceDaily      The principal focus of the research is application of biotech processes in the health sciences industry: antibiotics, vitamins and biopharmaceuticals, biopolymers, biocatalysts, and biotech pest control. Executive summaries and interviews are available to the press. Bioprocesses sometimes eliminate conventional steps in chemical synthesis while enabling cost-effective manufacturing. "The elimination of several conventional steps used to synthesize vitamins and antibiotics has significantly reduced production cost and adverse impact on the environment, and this, in turn, is encouraging the acceptance of bioprocesses," says Nagel. One of the first applications is likely to be engineered soybean varieties that are capable of superior disease resistance and reduction of saturated fat content.

Hybrids On The High Seas - SpaceDaily  The Office of Naval Research is developing innovative propulsion systems based on new fuel-cell technology for efficient generation of electrical power--and greater design flexibility--for future ships. To ensure a relatively quick transition to this promising technology, ONR is funding development of a method to extract hydrogen from diesel fuel. A diesel reforming system would take advantage of the relative low cost of the fuel and the Navy's established infrastructure for buying, storing, and transporting it. "The fuel cell system that ONR is developing will be capable of between 37 to 52 percent efficiency."

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