Intermediate Word:  embrasure (a) nest of soft cushions  (b) ridge of dirt protecting defending forces  (c) extent of contractual coverage  (d) flared wall opening for a gun
Difficult Word:
  glossal -  (a) slick  (b) intended to gloss over  (c) pertaining to the tongue  (d) related to a glossary

Cassini Finds Possible Liquid Water On Enceladus - SpaceDaily  NASA's Cassini spacecraft may have found evidence of liquid water near the south pole of Saturn's small moon Enceladus. If confirmed, the existence of water on a body that should be frozen solid raises many new questions about planetary geology, said the scientists who derived the discovery from the spacecraft's data. "We realize that this is a radical conclusion - that we may have evidence for liquid water within a body so small and so cold," said Carolyn Porco, Cassini imaging team leader at the Space Science Institute in Boulder "We haven't found water, per se - we've found evidence of water, and our best models right now are those that suggest that there's pockets of liquid water under the surface, and what we're seeing in these jets are like the equivalent of Old Faithful, in Yellowstone (National Park in Wyoming), they're geysers that are erupting out of pockets of water."    

Blackstar: False Messiah From Groom Lake - SpaceDaily  Many Space Cadets have gone gaga over the report in Aviation Week that the US military has developed a secret reusable spaceplane. It seemingly confirms a long-standing fantasy in the space community. For years a lot of us have been hoping that some "black" program like this will someday go public and solve all our spacelift problems. Unfortunately, this report is almost certainly bogus. Aviation Week has a long history of "revealing" secret programs that turned out to be either government disinformation, corporate disinformation, or just plain fantasy. This trend started back in 1957 with a cover story touting a "Soviet nuclear-powered bomber" which was actually the dismal Myashischev M-50. In the 1970s we read hysterical claims that the Reds had operational laser and particle-beam weapons.   

Drugs 'can reverse heart disease'  - BBC  Left:  Enlarge Image  Intensive therapy with statin drugs may not just stall deterioration of the arteries but actually reverse it. An international two-year study of 349 patients found that the powerful new statin drug rosuvastatin (Crestor) cut levels of potentially damaging LDL-cholesterol by about 50% and boosted levels of the beneficial HDL form by around 15% Plaque  thickness was reduced by 6.8% - and even more so in particularly diseased parts of a blood vessel  Almost four out of five patients (78%) demonstrated some plaque reduction  The 40 mg. levels used were higher than the usual 10-20 mg. daily doses of statins.

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