Intermediate Word:  alluvial -  (a) gentle  (b) glacial  (c) deposited by flowing water  (d) mitigating
Difficult Word: - condyle  (a) bone knuckle  (b) stele without an inscription  (c) cellular valve for calcium ions  (d) fused vertebrae

Outside View: Nuke Proliferators Can't Be Stopped - SpaceDaily  The Natural Resource Defense Council of the United States reveals in its report that: "A specific number of nuclear warheads, under U.S. and NATO war plans, will be transferred to America's non-nuclear allies to be delivered to targets by their warplanes. Preparations for delivering 180 nuclear bombs are taking place in peacetime, and equipping non-nuclear countries with the means to conduct nuclear warfare, (which) is inconsistent with today's international efforts to dissuade other countries from obtaining nuclear weapons. The arsenal is being kept at eight Air Force bases in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and Britain. The strike plans' potential targets are Russia and countries in the Middle East - most likely Iran and Syria. For quite a while, North Korea has been complaining about nuclear warheads placed in South Korea by the United States."  
World's First Intergalactic Communication System Now Transmitting - SpaceDaily  Left:  TalkToAliens.com's 10.5-ft. parabolic dish transmitting antenna. Photo courtesy:   TalkToAliens.  www.TalkToAliens.com, the world's first "Intergalactic Communication System" has announced that it is fully operational, and is transmitting phone calls from the public into deep space. The system is online 24 hours a day. To use the system's "Intergalactic Transmitter", a person simply dials a phone number (1-900-226-0300) and talks. The phone call is routed into a transmitter and the person's voice is beamed live into space via a 10.5-foot parabolic dish antenna. The call costs $3.99 per minute. 

EU Pushes To Recruit Tech Talent - SpaceDaily  The United States has been wrestling with a decline in the number of home-grown scientific and technical graduates for years but has been able to sustain its creative advantage - and its innovation-based economy - by welcoming brilliant immigrants from all over the world. Despite some recent improvements in visa processing, large numbers of otherwise desirable visitors, particularly science and engineering graduate students, have permanently left the U.S. queue for more welcoming shores, and the European Union is positioning itself to be their destination.     

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