Intermediate Word:  smarmy  (a) gushingly flattering  (b) licentious  (c) foolish  (d) tasteless
Difficult Word: - baklava  (a) rolled-brim Aussie hat  (b) curved scimitar  (c) paper-thin sliced nuts and honey  (d) heavy overcoat with raglan sleeves

X-ray Image of Saturn Puzzles Scientists - Space.com  Astronomers have gotten a good look at X-rays from the ringed planet Saturn, and they're puzzled by the results that defy current theory. In results released today, Chandra observed Saturn for about 20 hours last April. The spectrum, or distribution with energy of the X-rays, was found to be very similar to that of X-rays from the Sun. "This indicates that Saturn's X-ray emission is due to the scattering of solar X-rays by Saturn's atmosphere."
Statin Call for higher heart drug doses  - BBC  The risk of heart disease could be cut more sharply by prescribing higher doses of cholesterol-lowering drugs than currently used, research shows. A US study of more than 4,000 patients found those on higher doses of statins had 16% fewer serious heart problems, and a 28% cut in total death rate. For the study, patients who took a double dose (80mg) of the drug atorvastatin or a standard dose (40mg) of another drug called pravastatin. The atorvastatin patients had an average LDL (bad) cholesterol level of 62mg per decilitre of blood as compared to 95mg per decilitre on average in the pravastatin patients.

Research Links Long US Droughts To Ocean Temperature Variations - SpaceDaily  Large-scale, long-lasting droughts in the United States such as the present one in the West -- tend to be linked to warmer than normal sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic Ocean, and not just cooling in the tropical Pacific, according to a USGS study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Although droughts remain largely unpredictable, McCabe suggests that "this research, as well as that of others, "increases concern that the current drought in the West could persist due to continuing above normal North Atlantic sea surface temperatures." 

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