Intermediate Word:  a priori -  (a) with priority  (b) pertaining to a church prior  (c) based upon unproven theory  (d) preceding the main event 
Difficult Word: - gannet  (a) electrical lead-through  (b) large umbrella  (c) narrow spandrel  (d) large northern seabird

Water Filter Could Save Millions Of Lives - SpaceDaily  The United Nations now estimates that five million people (mostly children) die each year from drinking contaminated water. Joseph A. D'Emidio has patented an inexpensive, throwaway water filtration kit that can treat microbial contaminated surface water for a family of five for around $6.00 US per year. The filter acts similar to a coffee filter but is impregnated with a safe disinfectant. It dissolves into the water as the water passes through the filter, rendering the water fit to drink, cook or wash with in about one hour. The invention stands to revolutionize the problem of on-the-spot clean potable drinking water.    
DayStar Technologies Unveils LightFoil Photovoltaic Product For U.S. Military - SpaceDaily  Less than the thickness of common household aluminum foil, LightFoil's design allows for high power production from sunlight without excessive weight. The Company has achieved a specific power level of 1440 W/kg (15. 2% AM0 efficiency) in the laboratory setting, which is approximately 50% more energy dense and 60% lighter than all known thin film alternatives. Manufacturing development of LightFoil based on the laboratory benchmark is currently underway with a specific power target that will exceed 1000 W/kg.     

Space Race 2: A New AERA In Aerospace - SpaceDaily  AERA's overall goal is to become the Boeing of spaceflight, building the spaceships that other firms will buy and operate. Altairis is a liquid-fueled booster that is launched vertically like the space shuttle. Its five-foot-diameter passenger capsule separates from the launcher, peaks at an altitude of about 72 miles (110 kilometers), then descends via guided parafoil to a horizontal touchdown on inflatable airbags. The spaceship can carry six passengers and one mission commander. No pilots need apply, however, because the vehicles are fully computerized. The first passenger flight lifts off before the end of 2006,

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