Intermediate Word:  bollix  (a) a single, large dose  (b) to skirmish  (c) a drum on which a hawser is rolled  (d) to bungle
Difficult Word: - mordent  (a) melodic trill  (b) reagent for fixing a dye  (c) caustic  (d) gallows humor

Mars Stinks: Sulfur Deposits May Make Red Planet Putrid  - Space.com  If you’ve got a nose for news, here’s a bulletin: Mars may smell to high heaven. For example, at the Meridiani Planum site in which the wheeled Opportunity now roves, the robotic field geologist found a very high concentration of sulfur. Sulfur, acids, magnesium, iron -- all put together under the carbon dioxide-rich skies of Mars -- could just reek. "Out of that comes hydrogen sulphide as a byproduct in some reactions…and you start to stink."
The Rising Prospect Of Japan Remilitarization - SpaceDaily  Left:  The LDP - Japan's "permanent" party of government is more than happy to exploit the opportunity afforded by Iraq to junk the US-imposed constitutional controls against foreign military adventures - which that have kept Japan firmly out of any foreign battlefields since August 1945. In the changing global situation, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is facing growing demand for Japan to step out of the shadow of the United States and develop its own national security policy in order to promote its international role, commensurate with its economic capabilities. Japan's Iraq troops constitute Japan's first dispatch of its Self-Defense Forces to a country where fighting is taking place since The SDF were inaugurated in 1954, following World War II.

Air Force Leader Discusses U.S. Space Program - SpaceDaily  Undersecretary of the Air Force Peter B. Teets, who is also the director of the National Reconnaissance Office, told committee members that he had five priorities for the national space effort in 2004.  
* Achieving mission success in operations and acquisition.
* Developing and maintaining a team of space professionals.
* Integrating space capabilities for national intelligence and warfighting.
* Producing solutions for challenging national security problems.
* Ensuring freedom of action in space.

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