Intermediate Word:  colligate (a) to bundle together  (b) to align  (c) to meet collegially  (d) oblique
Difficult Word:
  silique -  (a) vegetable powder that forms a gel when wetted  (b) silken sash  (c) snow cirque  (d) long seed pod that splits at both seams

Emiew robots Gadgets: Humanoid bots at hotel guests' service  - C/Net  Hitachi's humanoid "Emiew" robots got some on-the-job training this week that could prove helpful should the bots settle on a career in hospitality. The little guys showed off their mobility, voice recognition and speech skills by greeting guests at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay hotel as part of a weeklong publicity campaign by the Sheraton and Hitachi. The 4.2-foot sensor-loaded bot uses wheels instead of feet to move at a spritely 3.7 mph. It chats with human counterparts using a vocabulary of about 100 words.     
Photos: Mini-Tablets Intel shows Origami-like device  - C/Net As earlier reported, the first devices have a 7-inch touch screen, standard x86 processors, and can run full versions of desktop operating systems including the Windows XP variant being used for Origami. In later generations, probably next year or later, the devices could have the pocket size, all-day battery life, and $500 price that Microsoft and Intel are aiming for, Graff said in an interview. The first generation of devices are likely to get about three hours of battery life, he said.     

Entangled photons

Towards entangled-photon LEDs - PhysicsWeb  Scientists in the UK have been able to generate pairs of entangled photons from a nanoscale crystal of semiconductor known as a "quantum dot" far more efficiently than was possible before. The breakthrough was made by Andrew Shields at Toshiba and colleagues at the University of Cambridge, who produced entangled photons with an efficiency of 70% -- compared to a previous best figure of 49%. The improved performance approaches that required for useful applications, which means that devices emitting entangled light could one day be as common as lasers and LEDs.

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