Intermediate Word:  julieene -  (a) hair style (hair pulled back and bunched)  (b) plant stand  (c) type of lace  (d) cut into long, thin strips 
Difficult Word: - narwhal  (a) male sea lion  (b) approaching squall line  (c) Arctic mammal with a single spiral horn  (d) calving glacier

Huge Space Clouds May Have Caused Mass Extinctions - Space.com  Giant space clouds of gas may have changed the climate or atmosphere on Earth and fueled mass extinctions millions of years ago, scientists said Thursday  In one scenario, the solar system passed through a dense cloud of interstellar material, causing Earth to ice over. In the other, the solar system passed through less dense clouds that destroyed the planet's protective ozone layer, raising levels of harmful ultraviolet radiation.     
Temperature Inside Collapsing Bubble Four Times That Of Sun - SpaceDaily  "Nobody has been able to measure the temperature inside a single collapsing bubble before. The temperature we measured - about 20,000 degrees Kelvin - is four times hotter than the surface of our sun."  What is surprising, however, is the extremely high temperature the scientists measured. "At 20,000 degrees Kelvin, this emission originates from the plasma formed by collisions of atoms and molecules with high-energy particles," Suslick said. "And, just as you can't see inside a star, we're only seeing emission from the surface of the optically opaque plasma." Plasmas are the ionized gases formed only at truly high energies. The core of the collapsing bubble must be even hotter than the surface. In fact, the extreme conditions present during single-bubble compression have been predicted by others to produce neutrons from inertial confinement fusion.  

Quantum Computers May Be Easier To Build Than Predicted - SpaceDaily Left:  The new NIST architecture for quantum computing relies on several levels of error checking to ensure the accuracy of quantum bits (qubits). The image above illustrates how qubits are grouped in blocks to form the levels. To implement the architecture with three levels, a series of operations is performed on 36 qubits (bottom row)each one representing either a 1, a 0, or both at once. The operations on the nine sets of qubits produce two reliably accurate qubits (top row). The purple spheres represent qubits that are either used in error detection or in actual computationsA full-scale quantum computer could produce reliable results even if its components performed no better than today's best first-generation prototypes,.      

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