Intermediate Word:  dithyrambic -  (a) dysfunctional  (b) frenzied  (c) rebellious  (d) regular meter 
Difficult Word: - lanceolate  (a) sharp  (b) lance-shaped  (c) state-of-the-art  (d) narrow and tapering at both ends

Russia Working On 'Defense-Proof' Nuclear Missiles: Minister - SpaceDaily  Left:  File photo of a Topol-M rocket test fire.  "There is not now and will not be any defense from such missiles," the news agency quoted Ivanov as saying. He has however said in the past that Russia's future nuclear defenses will be based on the mobile, Topol-M rocket. Ivanov said also that Russia was now focusing its attention on the Baluva, a sea-based strategic missile model that can be armed with a nuclear warhead. Russia has said on repeated occasions that it was developing missiles capable of penetrating the missile defense shield being developed by the United States, whose construction Moscow had furiously opposed. Analysts have suggested that Russia is developing a missile which can "zigzag" while in flight and thereby dodge anti-missile defenses. 
Consigned To Cern The Last Component Of Cms Solenoid - SpaceDaily  It is the largest superconducting solenoid in the world and it is able to generate a magnetic field 100.000 times stronger than the Earth's one. The hugest superconducting solenoid ever built in the world is finally completed. It is formed by five huge modules connected to each other and will generate a magnetic field of 4 Tesla, equal to 100.000 times the Earth's magnetic field. This extraordinary system will be dedicated to Cms (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment at Lhc accelerator at Cern. The main aim of the experiment is identifying the Higgs boson, the most elusive particle of modern subnuclear physics.    

Analysis: Giant Rig Offers New Technology - SpaceDaily  Left:  Artist's Impression of the Thunder Horse platform.  Advances in offshore technology in the last decade have ma de it possible for oil companies to drill at depths unheard of in the past and do it in a safe and more environmentally sound way, which are exhibited on the Thunder Horse platform. The deepwater region of the gulf may contain more than 56 billion barrels of oil equivalent, according to Johnnie Burton, director of the Minerals Management Service, the federal agency that regulates drilling and collects royalties for the government. Thunder Horse will operate in a 1 billion barrel field more than 6,000 feet deep.  

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