Intermediate Word:  glabrous  (a) joyful  (b) jelly-like consistency  (c) unprecedented  (d) hairless
Difficult Word: - meatus  (a) triangular flap partially covering the ear canal  (b) dead insects  (c) type of countersink  (d) insect lure

New Method May Help Find Black Hole Middleweights - Space.com  A combination of temperature studies and X-ray observations led a team of researchers to a number of X-ray objects from four different, and distant, galaxies that could be intermediate black holes. The objects are apparently too cool to be neutron stars or stellar black holes, but emit X-rays with more vigor than those objects. "There's no direct evidence for intermediate black holes," said study leader Rosanne Di Stefano. 
View of Scout Moor Bee In Your Bonnet: The battle against plans for England's largest wind farm  - BBC  Iím Ann Metcalfe, one of those rare breeds of fortunate people who can honestly say Iíve enjoyed life to the full. I may be approaching the age of wearing purple - "When I grow old, I will wear purple and run my stick along the railings, spit on the pavement and eat sausages by the dozen..." - but I am not ready for that for a long time yet boyo!! And in the meantime I've started campaigning to save Scout Moor. 'There's going to be 26 turbines, each one two thirds the size of Blackpool Tower stretching across the skyline from Rossendale to Rochdale.'"   

Papero helped developed the technology

Friendly robots help to develop handheld translators  - BBC  Left:  Papiero has lent its translation ability to tourists.  Visitors landing at Tokyo's Narita Airport will be able to hire a device which can translate the local lingo. The speech-to-speech technology was developed by NEC, tested in Papero robots and then put in PDAs. The PDA hire scheme is part of a wider project, e-Airport, to make Japan's main international airport the most hi-tech in the world. As well as being able to understand and imitate human behaviour, Papero (Partner-Type Personal Robot), is the first robot to translate verbally between two languages in colloquial tongue. It can cope, in other words, with slang and local chatter, and has a vocabulary of 50,000 Japanese and 25,000 English travel and tourism related words. After Papero demonstrated its translation ability, the PDAs borrowed its brain and tongue. Users can talk into the device and it will talk back in almost-perfect Japanese in a second. It has voice recognition, digital voice translation and a voice synthesiser to talk to users, explained Chris Shimizu, NEC's corporate relations manager, and the quality of the voice spoken back to users is much more human than robotic. The devices also serve as mobile phones, and have airport and local guides.

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