Intermediate Word:  sommelier -  (a) French hair stylist  (b)   (c) restaurant wine steward  (d) republican form of government 
Difficult Word: - fugacious  (a) flighty  (b) fast  (c) evanescent  (d) sneaky

Space Race 2: SpaceDev's Ride To Orbit - SpaceDaily  Left:  The Dream Chaser (pictured) will be able to fly to altitudes of about 160 kilometers, powered by a single, high-performance hybrid rocket motor developed by SpaceDev. The motor will be designed to produce about six times the thrust of the motors developed for SpaceShipOne's flights.  The company has announced plans for a passenger spaceship called the Dream Chaser, based on the experimental hypersonic vehicles developed by NASA - such as the X-43A, which nearly reached Mach 10 in a test flight last November. Dream Chaser is expected to debut as a reusable, piloted sub-orbital ship that can be scaled up to transport passengers to low-Earth orbit altitude, where the International Space Station flies and where a proposed commercial space hotel will be located. A four-stage version can fly from a mobile ground launcher and carry 1,000 pounds into low-Earth orbit.  
Spitzer Finds Bright Infrared Galaxies - SpaceDaily  A Cornell University-led team operating the Infrared Spectrograph (IRS), the largest of the three main instruments on NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, has discovered a mysterious population of distant and enormously powerful galaxies radiating in the infrared spectrum with many hundreds of times more power than our Milky Way galaxy. Their distance from Earth is about 11 billion light years, or 80 percent of the way back to the Big Bang. Virtually everything about this new class of objects is educated speculation, the researchers say, since the galaxies are invisible to ground-based optical telescopes with the deepest reach into the universe.      

EU Investing For R&D Advantage - SpaceDaily  The European Union is seeking to attract technical talent and research projects by increasing R&D funding, opening its facilities to outside researchers and easing entry for those adept at science and technology. The strategy is intended to seize an opportunity created by toughened U.S. border policies, flat federal science funding and White House restrictions on certain lines of research. "We want to attract the best talent in the world to Europe," The inducements being crafted by the commission can be divided roughly into those aimed at improving the situation for individual scientists and those targeted at expanding and enriching the research environment.   

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