Intermediate Word:  marl  (a) glacially-deposited drift  (b) croquet stake  (c) mineral-rich loam used as fertilizer  (d) disputed brder
Difficult Word: - foramen  (a) main charge in an indictment   (b) bone or membrane opening  (c) wood splitting maul  (d) the verge of a woodland ride

NASA Goes Lunar: Robot Craft, Human Outpost Plans - Space.com  Beginning no later than 2008, the first in a series of robotic missions to the lunar surface are on tap to research and prepare for future human exploration. Using a yet-to-be Crew Exploration Vehicle, the first piloted mission to the Moon is listed as early as 2015, with the goal of living and working there for increasingly longer periods of time. "Spacecraft assembled and provisioned on the Moon could escape its far lower gravity using far less energy, and thus, far less cost."  
Mars Has Hydrogen Peroxide In Atmosphere - SpaceDaily  Clancy gained telescope time when Mars was closest to the sun, meaning the planet warmed, said project team member Brad Sandor. Warmth produced more water vapor in the atmosphere. Hydrogen peroxide is produced by the action of sunlight on water. When past searches for the chemical came up empty, researchers wondered if their atmospheric models were wrong. So the project could have given new life to the models or helped to undermine their credibility. Hydrogen peroxide exists in trace amounts in the Martian atmosphere -- in doses as low as ozone-eating chlorofluorocarbons on Earth. 

Volvo's new 'Your Concept Car'

Women-friendly car: Volvo's new model designed by women for women is on show  - BBC  Seat pads, attached with magnets, can be removed to be cleaned. Take the back seats which, like cinema seats, are folded down only when needed for seating, leaving space for shopping and sports bags behind the front seats when they are not being used. Or the special umbrella, coins and key compartments inside the car's bodywork. For women with ponytails, there is even a split in the middle of the headrest.

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