Daily Investment Interpretations

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012-6-12: (Tuesday Night): The markets backed and filled but rose into the close: Powerful kick at the finish; Stocks close up more than 1%. The NASDAQ Composite regained 33.34 points (1.19%) to end at 2,843.07. The Dow posted a triple-digit gain of 162.57 points (1.31%) to close at  12,573.80; the S&P 500 regained 15.25 points (1.17%) to settle at 1,324.18. Oil ended the day at 83.45: Oil closes higher; gold logged off at 1615: Gold tallies three-session gain of 1.6%. The VIX dropped 1.26 to 22.30.
    "U.S. markets sit near their highs of the day as stocks shrug off Europe concerns, at least for now."
U.S. stocks closed up more than 1% Tuesday, a quick rebound from the prior session's losses. More".  

    Marketwatch says: 
    Euro falls further as Spain's yields hit record  
    Merkel: Spain crisis result of property bubble  
    Europe stocks off as Spanish, Italian yields surge  
    Cyprus could be fifth EU nation to get bailout  
    America's fate is in others’ hands  "No matter what Washington winds up doing to try to boost economic growth, it could all be for naught if other countries should take a swan dive at the same time, writes Irwin Kellner."
    David Weidner adds that Weidner: Spain bank woes could still hit U.S.  
    Rough global road (video)  "The World Bank' has a dim outlook for global economic stability over the next several years."
    The future of euro zone  
    IMF seeks ‘powerful’ easing from Bank of Japan  
    Investors becoming more pessimistic: survey  
    Mark Hulbert explains the Significance of 200-day moving average.  
    Darrell Delamaide states that the Deficit debate marks economic dark ages. Darrell Delamaide is lining up with Irwin Kellner and Rex Nutting in backing 
    Home downscale home (video)  "Neal Lipschutz goes over devastating data that illustrate the decline in U.S families' wealth since the economic downturn. (Photo: Getty Images)"    
    Fed: Recession pounded middle-class wealth.  Middle-class wealth fell by 40% since "the Great Recession" began. Part of this was the result of a deflation of real estate prices, but part of it was a transfer of wealth from the middle class to the extreme upper class.
    Market rally a 'major bull trap': analyst  
    Treasurys extend losses after 3-year auction  Interest rates rose.

    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Looking Ahead to Wednesday's Market  
    It's (Still) All About The Rates  "Monday started off with such promise for our heroes in horns. Fresh off what is now being called the "Spailout," Asian markets were higher and while not quite as enthusiastic, European bourses were stepping lively as well, which, of course, pushed the U.S. futures solidly into the green. The thinking was that the risk trade was going to be flipped to the "on" position as the euro-shorts ran for cover. And if things played out properly, this would send the dollar lower and risk assets higher. With the most recent ... Read More »"
    Is It Now Five and Counting?  "Although Cyprus is a tiny country and most investors probably couldn't locate it on a map, word is that it will become the fifth nation to request a bailout loan from the EU. Here's the problem ... Read More »"
    What He Knew and When He Knew It  "JPMorgan Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon will venture to Capitol Hill tomorrow and provide what is sure to be "must see TV" as he defends the massive trading losses ... Read More »"
    Import and Export Prices Decline in May  
    NFIB Small Business Index Pulls Back in May  
    The Early Look: Futures Pointing Gently Higher

    Market futures are... surprise! surprise! down ¼ % tonight.