Daily Investment Interpretations

Friday, May 11, 2012

2012-5-11: (Friday Night): Today was the inverse of yesterday. The markets rose sharply, and then ended mixed: Dow stumbles on the week; Stocks end lower as bank shares weigh . The NASDAQ Composite increased 0.18 points (0.01%) to end at 2,933.82. The Dow lost 34.44 points (-0.27%) to close at  12,820.60; the S&P 500 subtracted 4.60 points (-0.34%) to settle at 1,353.39. Oil ended the day  at 95.62: Oil at lowest level of year; gold ended at 1580: Gold ends lower, down roughly 4% on week. The VIX dropped 1.25 to 18.83.
    "Stocks slip as J.P. Morgan's $2 billion loss adds pressure. Blue-chip index loses 1.7% on week."
    "Stocks finished lower Friday, ending a down week for the major indexes, as weakness in the banking sector weighed on the market. More"
    Marketwatch says: 
    Jon Markman explains Why stocks are down; reasons for a rebound
    Mark Hulbert warns of Bond market madness. Bond yields are unlikely to go lower, and sooner or later, will go higher. Bond prices are at a dangerous, high-risk level.
    Even the smartest can get hit by Wall Street chaos. "David Weidner says system's really out of control when a savvy player like Dimon is humiliated."
    Doug Roberts: Fear likely to beget rebound (audio)  
    Michael Gayad echoes Mark Hulbert's warning: When risk-free turns risky. He's looking for a melt-up in the stock market once money pours out of the bond market into the stock market.

    Spanish bond yields headed higher.  
    Markets punish oil and gold ... for their own good  
    Rex Nutting writes: One less thing to worry about: gasoline prices
    Cheaper gas won't do trick "The minute we learned gas prices had fallen, driving down the producer price index, we knew consumers were happy. But that's not enough to fuel a consumer-led rebound (First Take)."  
    EU: Slow recovery seen in second half   
    China's weaker output |
    April CPI eases.  
    India's industrial output contracts 3.5% in March
    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Looking Ahead to Friday's Market  
    The "Mooch's" Vegas Floor Show  "Regular viewers of CNBC are likely familiar with frequent “Fast Money” guest Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci, one of the principles of Skybridge Capital, a diversified “fund of funds”, advisory service provider, and “research-driven alternative investment fund”. Mr. Scaramucci, a colorful, outspoken, and hardly publicity-shy figure, is one of the drivers behind this week’s SALT conference being held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and drawing ... Read More »"    
    Inflation in China Holds Steady 
    Import Prices Fall in April, Export Prices Up  
    JPMorgan Chase Sinks On Report of Credit Losses  
    Big Picture Market Models - 5/10/12  
    Another week has past, with the markets still stuck in a trading range.