Daily Investment Interpretations

April 9, 2012

Daily Investment Interpretations

Monday, April 9, 2012

2012-4-9: (Monday Night): The market indices tanked today amid bad news on the jobs front: Stocks take payrolls plunge; . The NASDAQ Composite added 33.42 (-1.08%) to end at 3,047.08. The Dow dropped 130.55 points (-1%) to close at  12,929.59; the S&P 500 declined 15.88 points (-1.14%) to settle at 1,382.20. Oil fell to 102.91: Oil tumbles; gold ended at 1643: Gold rises. The VIX rose 2.07 to 18.77.
    "A steep pullback grips U. S. stocks as investors rendered their verdict on weaker-than-forecast nonfarm payrolls reported Friday."
    "U.S. stocks closed mixed Thursday, with the broader market falling for a third day, amid renewed worries about the debt crisis in Europe. More"
    With a long weekend coming up (tomorrow, Black Friday, is a stock-market holiday), traders probably didn't want to be long over the weekend, especially with the weekly jobs report coming tomorrow while the markets are closed.  
    State of the Markets is suggesting that we're seeing a consolidation after a big run-up. 

    Marketwatch says: 
    Odds of a stock-market top still strong here
    Jon Markman says: Negative news means more Fed action.  
    Michael Gayed tells about Retailers and a correction   
    Stock pain often short-lived after jobs
Europe likely to face bumpy open  
    Spain's de Guindos- Economy will grow in 2013  
    Look for post-correction market highs  
    Treasury yields fall to one-month lows  
    Where to go if you ‘sell in May and go away’  "After a blowout first quarter, investors may be feeling a sense of deja vu: both 2010 and 2011 saw an early rally followed by a spring downturn."
Sharp selloff in cards before May  

    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Jobs Report Shocker: Nonfarm Payrolls Up Half Expectations  "Although stock markets were closed in the U.S. and Europe on Friday in observance of Good Friday, the all-important Nonfarm Payrolls report was released as scheduled and was a big surprise ... Read More »"
    It's 'Game Back On' After Jobs Report  "Good Morning. The stock market has been largely a one-way street for the better part of the last four months. As we've mentioned a time or two, the impetus for the surprisingly strong market performance has been the correspondingly surprising strong economic performance of the U.S. and economy. And because of the mostly better-than-expected economic data, traders have been able to brush aside the difficulties facing Europe and the less than inspiring economic data out of China. The bulls contend that since the U.S. is the world's biggest economy, as long as the good 'ol ... Read More »"
    Hedge Funds Panic Into Market in Q1, But Can the Buying Continue- 
    CEO Confidence Levels Soar in First Quarter  
    Bloomberg Consumer Index Shows Public Mood Perking Up       

    Market futures are up ˝ % tonight.


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