Daily Investment Interpretations

April 5, 2012

2012-4-5: (Thursday Night): The market indices ended the day mixed amid good news on the jobs front, plus an upbeat retailers report: Street looks both ways; Stocks end mixed as euro debt fears return. The NASDAQ Composite added 12.41 (0.4%) to end at 3,080.50. The Dow dropped 14.61 points (-0.11%) to close at  13,060.14; the S&P 500 declined 0.88 points (-0.06%) to settle at 1,398.08. Oil fell to 1002.01: Oil lower after larger-than-expected supply rise; gold ended at 1622: Gold at 12-week low as Fed dampens risk appetite. The VIX rose 0.26 to 16.70.
    "Selling momentum stalls, keying off jobless claims ahead of a long weekend for the markets."
    "U.S. stocks closed mixed Thursday, with the broader market falling for a third day, amid renewed worries about the debt crisis in Europe. More"
    With a long weekend coming up (tomorrow, Black Friday, is a stock-market holiday), traders probably didn't want to be long over the weekend, especially with the weekly jobs report coming tomorrow while the markets are closed.  
    State of the Markets is suggesting that we're seeing a consolidation after a big run-up. 

    Marketwatch says: 
    Fed’s Williams voices concerns about Europe  "San Francisco Fed president worries that lingering debt problems in Europe and austerity measures could upset the tenuous U.S. economic recovery."
    David Callaway says Nervous market won’t get help from earnings.  
    Bears readying for bonds   
    Spring has finally sprung for the jobless
    Mick Weinstein writes: The best stock market indicator ever?

    Look for post-correction market highs  
    Where to go if you ‘sell in May and go away’  "After a blowout first quarter, investors may be feeling a sense of deja vu: both 2010 and 2011 saw an early rally followed by a spring downturn."
    Brimelow: Bears not rampant about pullback  

    State of the Markets articles include:   
    CEO Confidence Levels Soar in First Quarter  "Stocks rebounded from the lows Thursday as reports on Consumer and CEO confidence were both well above expectations. The report on CEO confidence shows... ... Read More »"
    To Which I Say Hmmm...  "I got a kick out of the reports from the popular financial press yesterday morning. It seemed all the news outlets were falling all over themselves trying to tie the market's weakness to "disappointment" over the hawkish tone of the FOMC minutes. In short, everybody was suggesting that it was the lack of any hints about more Fed stimulus that was responsible for the triple-digit decline in the Dow futures. Never mind that interest rates and debt spreads were spiking in Spain or that the PM had said something about a bailout. Never mind that European bourses were down big. Nope, it was the idea ... Read More"
    Bloomberg Consumer Index Shows Public Mood Perking Up 
    Jobless Claims Down On The Week, But...  
    Europe Update: Stocks Dive on UK Manufacturing Data   
    Challenger Report Shows 37,880 Planned Layoffs in March    

    Thus ends another week.