Daily Investment Interpretations

April 4, 2012

2012-4-4: (Wednesday Night): The market indices slumped again today on word that there probably won't be a third round of quantitative easing: U.S. stocks drop as Europe worries revisited; Stocks Tank on Fed Disappointment, Euro Concerns. The NASDAQ Composite shed 45.48 (-1.46%) to end at 3,068.09. The Dow dropped 124.8 points (-0.95%) to close at  13,074.75; the S&P 500 declined 14.42 points (-1.02%) to settle at 1,398.96. Oil fell to 1002.01: Oil lower after larger-than-expected supply rise; gold ended at 1622: Gold at 12-week low as Fed dampens risk appetite. The VIX rose 0.78 to 16.44.
    "Stocks slide for a second day on fears over a weak bond sale in Spain and after Fed meeting minutes indicate a smaller likelihood of bond buying: Worst session in a month. Stocks slide for a second day on fears over a weak bond sale in Spain and after Fed meeting minutes indicate a smaller likelihood of bond buying."
    "Stocks were hammered on Wednesday as the S&P 500 closed below 1400, marking its second straight day in negative territory. Major indices started the day significantly lower following worrisome Spanish ... Read More »"
    State of the Markets is suggesting that we're seeing a consolidation after a big run-up. 

    Marketwatch says: 
    Fed’s Williams voices concerns about Europe  "San Francisco Fed president worries that lingering debt problems in Europe and austerity measures could upset the tenuous U.S. economic recovery."
    Markets in a mood to 'recalibrate'  
    China food spending passes U.S. as world No.1   
    Mark Hulbert notes that: 2007-09 bear market now totally erased
    Matthew Lynn writes: Europe’s economic joker- cheap energy.

    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk- Consolidation Continues "Although stocks are lower today the move doesn't change the technical picture to any great degree. ... Read More »"
    To Which I Say Hmmm...  "It is little wonder that the individual investor is no longer in the stock market (well, except via their 401(k) plans of course) as there are times - such as yesterday afternoon - where the game makes absolutely no sense at all. As exhibit A, I submit the action in the major stock market indices immediately following the release of the minutes from the March 13th Fed meeting. In short, you need to understand a little something called market logic ... Read More »"
    Investors Intelligence: Bullish Sentiment Continues To Rise 
    ISM Non-Manufacturing (Services Sector) Pulls Back in March  
    Europe Update: Draghi Says Economies To Recover in 2012   
    ADP Says Job Growth Continued in March  
    Worry Returns as Rates Rise, Demand Falls at Spanish Bond Auction  

    Market futures are flat tonight.