Daily Investment Interpretations

Monday, April 30, 2012

2012-4-30: (Monday Night): All three indices fell a bit today: Stocks limping to April end; Stocks finish worst month of the year. The NASDAQ Composite fell the most at 22.84 points (-0.74%) to end at 3,046.36. The Dow retreated 14.63 points (-0.11%) to close at  13,213.63; the S&P 500 deflated 5.45 points (-0.39%) to settle at 1,397.91. Oil ends the day essentially unchanged at 104.78: Oil inches lower after four-day run; gold ended at 1667: Gold edges slightly lower for session, month. The VIX climbed t 0.83 to 17.15.
    "U.S. stocks fall, with the benchmark indexes positioned for monthly declines, after a soft reading on business activity in the Chicago area. Spain's return to recession fuels latest euro-zone worries."
    Marketwatch says: 
    Consumers cool it in March.
    Gunderson: Correction risk past
    S&P bank move and data pile pressure on Spain  "Standard & Poorís downgrade of big banks ups pressure on the government to deal with the financial sector as economy slips into recession."
    EU reportedly readies 'Marshall Plan for Europe'.  
    Euro-zone inflation pace slows to 2.6% in April.  
Retail sales don't bode well for Germany's GDP
    Brent March points out that U.K. shows euro isnít vital to trade.        
    Craig Stephens explains Beijingís secret: Itís not really loosening.  
    Stocks will be OK in May
    Treasury yields touch two-month lows  
    Peter Brimelow reviews an investment advisor who's Bullish on energy ó and China  
    Earnings season is a so-far-so-good story (audio)  
    Will weak jobs lead to more easing?   

    State of the Markets articles include:   
    The Correction May Be Over, But...  "Good Morning. Five days ago, the bears seemed to have everything going their way. After one of the best first quarter performances in years, the stock market was overbought, sentiment had become too upbeat (or at the very least, traders had become more than a little complacent), and hedge fund managers were falling all over themselves trying to play catch up with their benchmarks (aka the S&P 500). Thus, as I wrote on March 28th, it was time to prepare for some sort of a correction, pullback, or sloppy period. ... Read More Ľ"    
    Chicago PMI Pulls Back in April
    Personal Income and Spending Rise in March       
    S&P Cuts Ratings of 16 Spanish Banks  
    Spain's Economy Dips Back Into Recession 
    Earnings Season Update: Q1 Results A Positive So Far  
    Quotable Quotes and Notable Notes  
    Stock market futures are slightly higher tonight.