Daily Investment Interpretations

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012-4-24: (Tuesday Night): The Dow and S&P closed mixed today: Blue chips get boost; Apple Earnings Blow Away Estimates . The NASDAQ Composite retreated 8.85 points (-0.3%) to end at 2,961.60. The Dow advanced 74.39 points (0.58%) to close at  13,001.56; the S&P 500 plowed ahead 5.03 points (0.37%) to settle at 1,371.97. Oil rose to 103.51: Oil futures gain as euro-zone worries recede; gold ended at 1642: Gold at week high on housing data, weaker dollar. The VIX subsided 1.53 to 18.10.
    "Dow industrials solidify gains, but big-name tech stocks including Apple keep Nasdaq in the red."
    "Traders everywhere have been anxiously awaiting the earnings from Apple. While AT&T's report suggested possible weakness, Apple's numbers were anything but... ... Read More »"
    Marketwatch says: 
    Banyan's Pavlik: Stocks' downside to ebb (audio)
    Michael Ashbaugh warns that Cracks widen in the technical backdrop  
    Paulenoff: Portent of S&P selloff  
    Irwin Kellner opines: Throwing good money after bad  Dr. Kellner is arguing that adding $30 billion to the International Monetary Fund's bailout budget isn't going to save the European Union when its leadership keeps enforcing austerity, driving the Eurpzpne deeper and deeper into recession.  
    David Weidner writes about Sallie Krawcheck: "Don’t blame me"  
Paul Farrell warns that IPO-crash signal flashes bear warnings.  

    State of the Markets articles include:   
    Technical Talk: The Consolidation Continues  "Although stocks are higher today, the game really hasn't changed much as the market remains in a consolidation phase. However, we are seeing some encouraging signs... ... Read More »"    
    Weebles Wobble But They Don't...  "Good Morning. There are times when the phrase "market logic" is clearly an oxymoron. Such is the case when stocks rally furiously after bad economic news based on the idea that the negative data means more economic hand-holding from the Federal Reserve. And yet there are other times when the drivers behind the stock market's moves are blatantly obvious and easy to understand. Lately we've seen a little of both ... Read More »"
    FHFA House Price Index Improves in February       
    New Home Sales Fall in March, But...t  
    Consumer Confidence Dips Slightly In April  
    Case-Shiller Home Price Index Declines  
    AT&T's Earnings Beat But Data Worrisome for Apple  
    China's Growth Rate Continues To Slow  
    Rates Continue To Rise at Italian and Spanish Bond Auctions  
    Eurozone Industrial New Orders Decline Again  
    Market futures are slightly higher again tonight.